Less words, more regularity

So I have decided to attempt to write at least a LITTLE bit of blog on a daily basis to at least make my sister happy ;).  I am hoping that this lasts for at least a week.  As I should be making dinner and cleaning up before Y gets home and lets me go for a workout, this will be rather brief.

Today was kindie teaching day.  My boss had the key because there were no other summer lessons today.  When I arrived, the classroom door was open, but the toilet had a locked shutter door on it..oh dear God.  So I have to cross my legs (while jumping around and keeping up with the kiddies) for THREE hours.  What’s more, the children in my classes also have to cross their legs.  I instructed a 5 year old boy to go in the bushes.  He looked at me as if I were the dirtiest scum of the earth and sat back down.

H and L are poorly.  They have a slight cold, but the meds. from the doc., who knows WHAT they are because he never writes it, seem to be making the children more grizzly that ever because it makes them sleepy, and H and daytime sleeping is a stubborn no-no.

It is HOT.  Yesterday was great, rain and cooler temps., and now the typhoon is on it’s way, but there doesn’t seem to be as big of a drop than there usually is, or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.  Y wants to go camping next weekend.  After telling me he could only take two days off when we went to Guam, he can now suddenly take another.  It’s kind of annoying, but camping sounds good in the cooler mountains as long as it’s in a cabin with air conditioning and that there are showers of some sort on the site.  I am way past the stage of roughing it in this heat.  Have yet to find one that ticks all the boxes that doesn’t cost the earth.  There are great tree houses with wood burners (not that that will be necessary right now) and slides, but they run from 30-40,000 a NIGHT, so that’s not really an option.

I finally got down to just over 60kilos, after a crazy 2 kilo putting on period, and am trying new stuff at the gym these days.  Including the vibrating plate machine thingamajig, which seems to be losing me inches off my waist and hips.  ALWAYS a good thing.  Only thing is, you have to reserve as soon as you get in the gym and it’s often fully booked.  Not too bad so far this fortnight though, as Y seems to be earlier home from work than usual, hurray!

Am getting broody.  Somebody stop me, please.  I have to wait for at least another two years, and even then, I said I was having no more.  All these preggie people seem to be springing up so I suppose that could be the reason.  Or maybe that L is just growing up faster and faster.  He is talking lots now.  We can have interesting conversations about whether there is water in the car or not, which train is better than Thomas, etc. etc.

Ok, well I am marinating some chicken and have Gray’s Anatomy waiting for me on the hard disc, so I am OFF!  Night all x


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