Up and Down like a yo-yo

Misato Pool

Had a fab time in Guam.  Lots of pool, sea, sand, and more than anything, LOTs of food…I have to say that I was glad to get back and cook (never thought I’d say that), so that I could eat more VEGGIES!  It was all about the meat and starch, which although I love, I want some more colour on my plate please.  I really missed them, and by the way my children tucked into their first home-cooked meal home, I’d say that they did too! I definitely want to go back to Guam again, if nothing else but for the beautiful sand, sea, shopping (ooh yes, I bought a top in a size SMALL – happy days), and the short flight.  Also next time, we are planning on staying in self-catering and hiring a car so that we can see more of the island than just the touristy parts.  The taxi drivers seemed to make me feel as if they were doing ME a favour by letting me pay them to take me where I desired…, although we did have a couple of really friendly and helpful cabbies, they were few and far between.  But it was nice to have a beach and pool centred holiday.  Although, would you believe, we only spent ONE morning on the beach and swimming in the sea?!?!  H preferred the pool, because she said she wasn’t keen on the fish in the sea.  Craziness… “Don’t you want to build sandcastles?”  I asked.  “No, I just want to swim, Mummy.”  she replied. 

 So since we have been back, we went to the open-air pool in a nearby park.  This is a great place.  200 yen for adults, 100 yen for the children, although H can get in free if she shows her kindergarten badge.  The only drawback is that we have to get out every half an hour so that they can check the pool for “danger”.  This would be fine, but the concrete floor is literally BURNING hot.  I feel like one of those lizards in the desert hopping desperately from one foot to the other while carrying two children wearing rubber rings…not a pretty sight.  Y thought he might complain to the council about it…Y NEVER complains about anything..but he has burns on his feet.  I appreciate that the sun is hot, but at least they could hose down the floor every so often.  They have that plastic fake grass kind of stuff down in some areas, but that’s just as hot and so spiky on your feet too.  So as un-British as it sounds, we are thinking of going to an indoor pool this weekend instead.  So then we don’t have to worry about plastering the children with sun block what seems like every 10 minutes. 

 On a more personal note, and more relative to this post title, I have had the period from hell again this month.  It started at the airport on the way home from Guam (this was not pleasant as their loos are so blocked up, but that’s another story for..well, never), and then stopped.  Yes, no warning, one day, the end.  Four days later, it reared it’s ugly head once more, coupled with utter exhaustion, crazy labour type cramps and loss of the will to live.  As for my mood?  Well, anything that I have said/written to anyone in the past week, I have to apologise.  On Sunday and Monday, I really believed that my life was awful.  Since yesterday, I seem to have broken out of it, despite feeling really quite nauseous last night.   

 H is on summer holidays until the end of August, so we have been finding a new routine over the past week, and we all seem to be a bit happier for it.  So yesterday, I felt really really happy.  I feel a bit sorry for the children, because when I feel crappy, I’m sure they know it.  I’m not a fun or nice Mummy on those days.  I am hoping that I am making up for it now.  H has been speaking lots of English, and I notice that when she’s off kindergarten for any length of time, we seem to have a better relationship.  I wonder if it’s language related.  She’s been chattering away to L in English, which is really nice to hear.  It’s not that I resent her speaking Japanese at all, but it’s just nice to hear them talking together.  L is now making two word sentences, and it’s so cute to hear.  “L’s turn” when they were sharing an ice-cream. “H meanie” when H wasn’t into sharing anything..  “L water”, and when I said I had none, he said, “water, car?”  It’s lovely for him to be able to get his point across more clearly and so funny to hear his conversations with his sister.  He is a clever little boy 🙂 

 Tomorrow, we are off to have a coffee with a friend and her little baby boy.  He has not long turned one, but he was a premie, so he’s still teeny tiny.  Then planning to go to the library in the afternoon.  The children seem happy enough if we go out for at least half of the day.  It’s too hot to play outside, even in the paddling pool, but I suppose that’s mainly on my part.  I have such a tough time breathing in the humidity.  When I picked the children up from their daycare after work today, they were playing inside.  Apparently H had said she was too hot and had chosen to go inside.  That’s a REAL indication of how hot it is, because usually you couldn’t keep her in if there was an option!  So the hols. are proving to be fun after all.  Will  plan on doing some reading work with H too.  She’s recognising lots of letters now, and L is too, just by watching his big sister.  I’m sure second children learn more that way.  At least mine, because I suppose I didn’t make a HUGE effort to drill letters into H when she was L’s age..we did lots of counting, but letters..not so much.  So I’m enjoying our holiday life.  At least today..let’s hope this yo-yo comes to a stop. 


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