Yikes – Friday’s almost here already!

So SO excited about our summer holiday.  But as usual, it had seemed so long away, and is now loomingly close.  I am starting to think, ‘why didn’t I do (such and such) before?’, such as changing money, organising clothes, passports, documents, etc.  The answer is because it seemed so far away…and because I know if I took the passports out of their permanent home too soon, I would lose them.  So I am a last minute packer.  Tomorrow I will pack.  I might even iron…ha ha ha, ok, I am losing it.

H was off nursery today because they are on a school trip.  So glad we decided not to go.  It’s a mother and child trip once again, this time to a German village theme park about an hour away (not anything like Disneyland..basically a farm with a few swings and slides that sells wurst).  The weather was crappy again today, so not sure how they got on there.  I also taught my student, “Yo” this morning.  She did ok, despite turning up 10 minutes early, giving me a mad rush to get the Play Doh out for the children in the playroom.  I decided that this would keep them entertained and far away from us for the longest time…wrong.  L kept coming over to Y to give her his play doh presents, to scream at us, and basically just to be an average two year old.  H was a little better, but she still chattered to me at times.  I suppose I can’t get angry with them, because they don’t really get it.  I have told H, but she still chats to me..

So after Yo had gone, we went off to the supermarket, where I stupidly forgot we were going on holiday for five days and bought loads of veggies…duh.  So it’s a feast of veggies tomorrow, with lots of freezing XD!  Then this afternoon, I did something I rarely ever do, and we put Mary Poppins on and sat down to watch a fair portion of it together.  I nodded off, although not for long, because H was poking me in the face telling me to “wake up!”.  I then got awoken yet again by the doorbell.  It was the gas man telling me he had come to introduce himself.  “Ok,” I said, waiting for his face to disappear from the intercom, but still he stood there…Oh of course…he wants to give me his business card.  I swear if I kept all of these cards, I could fill a room.  So I went to the door, and as ever, he was shocked to see a foreigner, and said, “oh never mind, you don’t understand” and giving his business card to me, took away his flyer for some campaign or another.  Annoying, but I suppose he was right, because I had no clue what he was on about.

It’s now 8p.m., the children are asleep, Y is at work until at least 11p.m. (he came home at 3:30a.m. the previous night/morning and set about making ramen), and I have yet another night with no gym.  I went to bed at 8:30 last night and up at 6!  It’s amazing how much time I have when I’m not at the gym, but I also kind of miss it this week.  I haven’t been since Saturday and am feeling a bit flabby already.  Not the best the week before bikini..but I’m kind of over that too..what’s a little podgy tum between family and strangers 🙂  So I am going to finish making our holiday bag (of course..) and then have another early night.  Tomorrow is a day filled with bento making, packing and more cleaning!  And then one more sleep until our trip – yippee!


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