Getting creative

This week yet again belongs to the busy category.  I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (albeit a few hours, ha ha!), kept on top of the housework, had a night and morning alone while Y was in Tokyo on business, and worked out three days out of four.  Not a bad week all around, so I was feeling great and looking forward to a free (bar everyday chores) three days until the weekend. 

 I found a tutorial for a quilted wallet online just by chance while I was searching for tips for a bag I’m making.  I fell in love with it, but thought I would probably make a right royal mess of it, so kind of gave up on it.  However, I kept kind of going back to it, and thinking that it didn’t look all that difficult, if a little fiddly.  It used fusible fleece and other interfacing and I am an interfacing virgin, and it’s hard to find stuff that you’re not really sure about while not being able to read too well.  But I found some info. online, and managed to find just what I needed at the craft shop – yay!  So last night, with Y doing overtime and the gym closed, I set about making the wallet.  It called for piecing for the outside, so that took a considerable amount of time to measure, cut and stitch, but was fairly straightforward.  I’ve never followed a pattern, so couldn’t give my opinion whether it’s easier or not, but I found the instructions clear for the most part, and the pictures really helped.  It’s the first time really, apart from a failed skirt for Hannah and the nursery bags (ha ha, quite a lot then), that I’ve followed anything.  I find it really interesting to look at stuff that’s around and try to work out how to construct it.  But I would love to take classes too.  They offer them at my craft shop, but I’m not sure how I’d get along.

 I started at 9p.m. and didn’t finish until 3a.m….I was going to go to bed after I’d got all the pieces ready to join together, but I kind of just wanted to get it all done!   

 Things that didn’t turn out so well:   

 It turned out a little smaller than the tutorial, I think this was due to the material fraying easily, so I couldn’t get the machine around the whole of the outside to topstitch.  I think it would look a lot more finished if I had, but it was just too thick with the fleece.  If I make another with that kind of fabric, I’ll just make that piecing slightly larger.   

 I had planned on a button and loop fastening, but wasn’t really into it when it was done.  I left the button on though, just as a trim, and used velcro as a fastener.  I stitched this on afterwards by hand, so it’s kind of messy. 

 Just a few things didn’t go according to plan though.  I’m really pleased with the result and LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric, even though it was ridiculously pricey… 

 So anyway, here are some pics of my wallet making process:  




top piecings done

fleece backed and quilted


lining with interfacing


lower pockets




top card slots and note wallet


there are card slots in the front, and the back section can be used for notes, although there is another one for notes at the top, so I’m thinking of making a little zip coin purse to slot in here.


front view



3 thoughts on “Getting creative

  1. Thanks for visiting Beatriz! I think the fabric really makes it too! So nice to find some decent fabric here for a change!

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