Thrifty-ish spending spree

Wow, two posts in as many days..record for me.  I overslept this morning, despite (or maybe because of) L waking me up at 5:45 and a nappy change later, us all falling back to sleep.  I woke up to find Y had already gone to work, H standing over me, and the clock reading 8:30 – yikes!  It was my own fault for not getting home from gym until 11:30, and then having to clean the kitchen up, wash rice, and then deciding to watch the end of Gray’s Anatomy and then “a little bit” which turned out to be the whole episode of Jersey Shore…so funny.  The HD on the t.v. is soooo useful.  I would never set the video to tape lots of stuff, but with that, I can just press a button on the remote control and record loads of random stuff.  Not so good for productivity though!  But anyway, I had a productive day, so yay for chilling out and wasting time. 

So I called the nursery to let them know we would be late, then we managed to get ready and there by 9:30  Then L and I drove off to Daiso to pick up a cooking utensil stand.  One of those things that stands by the hob so you can stand your dirty wooden spoon or any other thing on to stop getting your counter in a mess.  I suppose you could just use a small bowl or a saucer, but I find it handier.  ANYWAY, as per usual, I ended up buying lots more stuff, “ah, it’s only 100 yen..” and the total came to 1800…damn it.  Phase one of unnecessary stupid spending. But I have to say, I’m very impressed with Daiso these days.  They actually have some funky looking stuff instead of just cheap basic looking things.

The Daiso we went to is right next to Aeon mall, and as it was 11:30, which is usually lunch time for us, I decided to get us a cheap lunch inside.  This is such a stupid’s only a 5 or 10 minute drive home.  But I DID need to pick up an extra swimsuit for H to use at nursery from Monday, and some much needed coffee and vanilla macadamia coffee cream..yummmmmmm.

We ended up eating at Subway, which in retrospect was a bit silly.  For adults, it’s a good deal, but they don’t do anything smallish or toddler friendly, so L had a tuna wrap, which as it turned out was full of dressing and he made a right mess of himself.  It’s been a long time since I ate there, so it was a nice yummy change, although the bill came to 990 yen, which was a little more than I would have liked to spend on lunch for just L and I.  I should really have ate at the sit in bakery, where I could have bought from the supermarket and probably spend half as much..phase two of my silly spending of the day.

On the way down the shopping centre, I was just looking at the bag shop at different designs for making ideas, when this really cute bright turquoise bag shouted out: BUY ME, so I had no choice really.  Especially as it was 40% off and ended up being just over 4000 yen.  Couldn’t NOT buy it really..but still, phase three of stupid spending.

Bought the cream, coffee (not stupid, necessary) and then looked at the swimsuits in Saty.  Oh My God..3000 yen for girls suits..these are probably one year purchases, and only really used for a month or so, not counting indoor pools, but still.  So I gave up, and was glad I did, because the next shop I saw after leaving Saty had reduced really cute cossies for 1480 yen.  After a deliberation with the shop assistant regarding size (age means nothing for H’s waist..she is still wearing 18 month sized leggings..), I bought a 110cm one and prayed it would fit, as the assistant informed me that because of the sale and the item, it was non-exchangeable. 

So I seem to go through financial phases where I spend next to nothing, and then have a stupid day where I spend lots of money.  I think it’s retail therapy or something..

On the way home, a devilish L finally took a nap, and is still sleeping on the sofa.  H is full of energy (and snot thanks to her cold) and changed into her own choice of clothing, which happened to be boys Bermuda shorts (long story), and a union jack t-shirt…Happy Days again x


2 thoughts on “Thrifty-ish spending spree

  1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I just had a peek at your blog, love the skirt! You know, I’m pretty sure that the stars are what did it for me with the bag. So much so, that during my deliberations, I lifted the stars up to see whether the bag was really any cop without the stars on it. Eventually I decided I liked the combination. The brand is Vivayou. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen bag accessories like the stars being sold seperately, but not sure where.

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