Happy July!

Ok, so there’s still one more day, but yay for July!  Firstly, it means that rainy season is coming to an end, secondly it means that our holiday is only just over two weeks away, hurray!!! 

My work is going well, even the new student seems to be more enthusiastic than she was for her model lesson.  H was ill on Monday, so I taught with both her and L around.  I’m not sure whether it helped or not, but there were only a couple of screams in arguments, and towards the end of the lesson, they got bored, so they sat at the table with us and did some drawing.  My student seems to like children, and wasn’t really phased by it, so that’s a definite plus. 

Yesterday H was still a little bit under the weather, so I really didn’t want to drop her off at the hoikuen, as they get so tired there and it’s a late day for them.  Fortunately, my SIL had a day off, so she very kindly came over and looked after them, fed them dinner while I was working.  It made SO much difference to my Tuesday, as usually I pick H up at 1p.m., get her changed in the car, drive to the hoikuen, drive to the youchien to teach, drive back into the city centre to pick the children up, go home, cook dinner (or usually pick up a bento), then bath and bed and I’m done for.  But SIL is temping, and I couldn’t ask her to do it every week anyway, so it’s just one of those things. 

So I’m working now Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, which I think is pretty great, as it’s only four and a half hours and it all gets over with at the start of the week.  On Tuesday nights my mind is full of plans for the rest of the week, which it never used to be when I had the whole week free.  Working makes me appreciate not working, if you get what I mean?

So L was itching to get out today, as we hadn’t been out for a couple of days what with H being poorly.  We dropped H off and then headed to Yamaya, which is technically an off-license, but has lots of foreign foods from all over, and discount local items too.  So I picked up some ridiculously cheap tinned toms, cereal, peppercorns, cheese, and other random items, then popped into the fabric shop as it was on the way home (any excuse).  I am addicted to making bags it seems, and I should probably move on to other items, but I feel that I am learning from every bag/mistake, so will stick to the bags for now.  There is a limit of course to how many bags one needs…  Today I picked up some bias tape – HATE finishing those edges – so will see how that turns out, and also a zip, because whether my machine has a zipper foot or not, I still have my hands and a needle.  Ooh, also picked up some reduced off-cuts and a bamboo ring handle, so that is another project or two.

Well it’s almost 2p.m., and L has been asleep since midday.  I’m thinking he might wake up wanting more food at some point, and have just remembered that I haven’t eaten lunch yet…very strange for me!  Weightloss is still steady.  I’m an average 60 kilos give or take a few grammes here and there and depending on the day, but I am not so focussed on the scales these days, because I can SEE my muscles getting more toned, so I’d rather see that than flabby and the scales going down.  Let’s hope that it continues in time for beach!!!  Yay for July!


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