L’s mad birthday weekend

My little boy turned two on Monday.  Because Monday is a working/kindie day, we decided to celebrate his birthday on the Sunday.  On Saturday, we had some plans.  One of them was to take a train ride (preferably steam, but found out they don’t run until next month), and the other was to go and buy birthday presents and wrapping stuff ready for Sunday.  On the Saturday morning, I had my last dental appointment.  I have been going there for a few months now.  They are crazy busy all the time, so I have been having to wait 2 or else 3 weeks for appointments.  The root canal took several visits, but is well and truly finished!  Then Saturday’s visit was to fill my front teeth, which I have been aching to have fixed for a couple of years.  The crap temp. fillings done while I was pregnant at another dentists had come out and my front teeth looked crappy.  So this time, instead of just feeling better, my mouth LOOKS so much better.  I was walking around for hours smiling.  I think Y got fed up of me flashing my pearly whites in his face…

Anyway, after that, Y’s Mum called him.  His Grandmother has been staying at his Mum’s place.  She lived with her son and his wife and two children, on a permanent basis, but then was diagnosed with manic depression and said she couldn’t STAND to live with her daughter-in-law for a moment longer.  I worried that there would be more trouble with her staying at MILs, but true to her word, she has found another place of her own within a month.  So MIL was calling to say that the washing machine wasn’t working properly and could Y come over and fix it.  I was a bit irritated, because we had lots of stuff to do, but what could I say?  Y reckoned on it only taking about “fifteen minutes”, so we all drove up to MILs house.  MIL has written off her car (yes, that’s another story) so we had to pull out the extra seat in the car and load her up too.  Next thing I knew, we were being taken out for lunch..hmm, that wasn’t included in the 15 minutes, I suppose…

So eventually, we got to G-G’ma’s place.  It’s a really nice apartment block that is almost like a care home.  I’m not sure what to call it, but it’s full of old people with modest, but slightly larger than Tokyo one room apartments.  They have their own cooking facilities of a sort, microwave, one hob, fridge, although they get three meals a day served up to them in the cafeteria/restaurant on the top floor.  They are free to come and go as they please, but they have staff who clean their apartments for them.  In a way, it’s a bit like a hotel, I suppose.  It’s certainly not something I would balk at the idea of if I were a 79 year old woman.  But of course, it costs.  So we arrived there and the washing machine is mid-cycle..eh?!?  Isn’t that why we were there?  “Oh, it started working,” she says…gahhh..Y’s uncle was there too..not sure why he couldn’t have had a look at it..also being a man of course.  Actually, SIL had plumbed the machine in.  She is definitely more with it in the handyman stakes than Y..no offense to Y.

So then we have to sit and chat of course.  About this and that.  G’ma quickly hands out food to the children, as all grandparents and great grandparents do.  First up was aloe yoghurt, which the children took a few mouthfuls of and then abandoned.  Then it was spicy senbei (rice crackers)..suitable.  Next came our treat to go home with..kakipi (spicy rice snacks with WHOLE peanuts).  I had to laugh at this one, thanked her graciously, and stuffed them right to the bottom of my bag where they would stay until Y had a beer and wanted a snack.

So an hour later, we whizzed off to Toys R Us, and had a relatively successful shopping spree, even though the children had pretty much had enough.  Then the crazy evening routine took place, I whizzed off to the gym, via the 100 yen shop to get wrapping paper, came home and then wrapped all the gifts up.  Phew..what a day!

Next day, we opened pressies.  L was in a bit of a funny mood, but was soon cheered up with pressies.  I had to leave at 10 to go and teach my student, and then on the way back, I decided that making a cake was just too exhausting, and stopped off at a nearby patisserie, “Genoise”….Oh..my..God…

I must not go in there unless it’s a special occasion.  And by special occasion, I don’t mean a day that ends in a ‘y’…the selection of cakes in there, the lighting, the decor, the service..it was like a fairytale.  I was also standing in a puddle of my own drool.  So I chose a yummy strawberry roll cake and hotfooted it away from more temptation.  We had cake, Y had a nap, then not wanting to stay in any longer, we drove to the natural history museum.  By this time it was about 2p.m., but I had just found out about this place from MIL and was a bit excited about it.  It was only 500 yen for Y and I to get in and really fun!  Lots of things for the children to look at, touch and play around with.  Big roaring dinosaurs, glass floors to run around on, etc. etc.  We ended up getting “dinner” from the convenience store on the way home and gettin home at bedtime, but it was a really great day!  I’m so glad we went.  So although the weekend didn’t go according to plan, we had fun, and most importantly, the children had fun.  And that’s the whole point right?  Happy 2nd birthday Luka xxx 


2 thoughts on “L’s mad birthday weekend

  1. Sounds as if it was a bit mad and busy weekend but still a lovely celebration for L!

    Can`t believe he is two already- and that cake looked AWESOME!

  2. Thanks Lulu! It was a bit busy, but great fun too. To me it seems as if he has been two already for a while, what with the tantrums! But yes, babies are babies for such a short time…Noah is getting bigger every day too, eh? What a cutie! Must not get clucky, must not get clucky!

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