Rainy days, Workdays and Holidays


I am attaching random photos to prove to myself that it is not all doom and gloom…Well rainy season has definitely begun here.  It rains pretty much every day and has started to get humid.  This humidity is accompanied by lots of headaches, grizzly children, light and early mornings and lack of sleep.  Hello mid-June!  If you think that I sound a bit negative, then that’s because I am a bit recently.  Y is still working 16 hour days, while I barely have a minute to myself with the children not sleeping well, housework to do, kindie to prepare for, etc. etc.  I get to the gym a couple or three days a week, and it seems it makes a difference, not only in keeping fit/toned, but also in letting some tension out of my shoulders.  I’m sure that’s one of the reasons for my headaches.  That and just not really having firegazing time.  I haven’t seen many of my friends for a while, and just having children for company (lovely as they are) gets a bit wearing at times.  Yes, I know, I am having a self-indulgent feeling sorry for myself evening which will get me absolutely NOWHERE!!   So on to different topics, because nobody wants to hear about my misery I expect.

Teaching at the kindergarten is still going well.  The “problem child” who disrupted the whole class, smacked me, and basically caused the other children to want to act up?  Thanks to others bringing it to my attention that he may have some mental/emotional concern, I handled it in a different way to strictly discipline.  I made sure he felt involved (the first week he was very late and probably felt a bit threatened because he didn’t know what was going on), kept things super fast-paced and short, and made it very simple but loads of fun.  I was quite surprised by the outcome, but touch wood, for now he seems to be ok.  The other students are very easy to teach too, so it’s quite a good deal.  Unlike the last kindie where I taught, these classes are extra-curricular, so I teach them in a loghouse they have just for clubs, and I teach alone.  I like both ways, but the other kindie had about 25-30 students per class, so at least here I can remember all of their names.  H and L are getting on well at the temporary daycare too, so that’s a big weight off my mind, because if they aren’t happy, Mama’s not happy.

We got the new child benefit this month, which works out at an extra 600 pounds per quarter.  I can’t remember what it was before, but it’s certainly bulked up the budget, meaning I can go out and get the children some holiday goods and new clothes (not with the whole lot of course, even they are not that high fashion..).  H has just got too big to get away with wearing her 95cm tops (although the bottoms are still fine around the waist, but much too short), so I went out and bought her some 110s, and L some shorts.  I had bought some swimming shorts for him from GAP on sale, but they were too big at 90cm, then H tried them on and fell in love with them.  So I decided rather than take them back and have H hate me and L for having the smaller size, I would just get some matching 80cm ones for L so they would both be happy.  They are technically boys shorts, but they are pretty enough for girls too, and it’s always useful to have a change of swimming cozzy for the kiddies.  And…dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUN, my bikinis arrived..My FIRST bikini..since I was a child, but you can’t count that.  So my tummy is still wobbly, and I’m not as slim as I’d like, but I have decided I don’t care.  Although I plan on attaching a link of the bikini in the catalogue and not on me..I DO care a little!  http://www.figleaves.com/uk/product.asp?product_id=FBF-AS9893

And I got the shorts for bottoms, so it’s still not a huge leap XD.  I am just really excited about our hols now.  Especially as I have found out there’s also good shopping fun with big big shoes to be had there!  Bring it on!

Ok, well children in bed whacked out from waking up at 4:30 this morning, so I am going to take this opportunity at 8:20p.m., to lay low like broccoli..night night all x




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