Halfway through busy week..

more flowers

“me? sleepy? ridiculous!”

So this week started off with Mumin Club.  We arrived at the kindergarten, and sat on the dog bus with lots of mummies and toddlers..a lot more than last time.  L was so excited and yet a bit confused about getting on the dog bus that he gets so excited about seeing driving by.  The head was driving, which was also a bit scary for L because for some reason, he does not seem to like him.  Could be that he is a man (L hates men) or that he wears a black towel on his bald head..yes, probably that one.  So most of the mummies were sitting with their children on their laps, but because I am a lanky foreigner, I had to squeeze into one of the tiny kiddies seats and put L in the one in front of me while holding on to him to contain his excitement.  So it was just the park, not much chatting to be done by me and other mums, but L enjoyed himself and I felt as if I was making the effort, so that was enough for me 🙂 Tuesday and work.  Three lessons, first two were kindie final year students (5 year olds) and then an elementary class (students that used to attend the kindie) of 8-9 year olds.  The first class went well, and to some extent, so did the second one, although I have a difficult student in there so I hope to conquer that situation.  The final class is surprisingly my favourite, and the one I wasn’t really looking forward to.  It’s an hour long class, which is pretty long to be being lively and fun, but it worked out well.  The children are all motivated and excited, so let’s just hope it continues.  My boss watched from the window the whole time, taking unauthorised photos that he will probably use in his flyers, but I am past caring..although I was mildly embarassed when he told the parents that I was “the best teacher in Gunma”…no pressure.. The children are doing ok at the temporary daycare too.  I pick H up at 1p.m., drop them off at the daycare where they are in the same class.  They have a naptime, but they don’t enforce it, so H plays with a couple of other children, and usually L, but he was already asleep when I carried him in there, so he just kept on sleeping.  Then I pick them up at 6p.m., and they seem really happy.  No tears as yet.  The only thing is they are STARVING, because we usually eat dinner at 5 or 5:30, but it’s no big problem, so that’s a relief.  Plus my boss pays for that too, so it’s a bonus! Wednesday – no plans.  So today was supposed to be a relaxing day.  But of course, I can’t relax without feeling antsy, so I got the children up (didn’t take long with L who had crawled into my bed at 5a.m. after I had got him back to sleep at 3..), fed them, hoovered around them, took H to nursery, then bumbled around the house doing odd jobs.  After lunch, L and I went for a bike ride, watched the rice fields, fields of flowers and the stinky fat pigs.  The breeze felt really good (the downhill part) although I wish we didn’t live uphill…L screamed when we reached our house.  It’S just never enough with him..I bought a little Anpanman cushion to tie on the seat in case he dozes off, but it is yet to happen.  All in good time though..he is still dozing off randomly.  After that, I thought my garden looked in a bit of a sorry state.  I have had to cut some wild bushes right back, so it’s looking a bit droopy.  A quick trip to the local “FarmDo” and 800 yen well spent later, I have 9 more bedding plants to colour up the garden – yippee!  It’s now 9p.m., and I have yet to tidy up before hubby comes home..even though it could well be another couple of hours…off I go!   




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