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It’s half past midnight, and by rights I should be in bed, but I am just winding down after the gym and must post something here, for fear of procrastinating and stopping all together.  This is a short post (I think so now, but things may change) to note down some of the things that have been going on.  

Health – Apart from a bad back, which I expect has been caused by heavy weights, lifting my boy and sleeping funny, all is good, good, good!  My average weight these days is 60 kilos.  I can’t seem to get past that, even though it is only another 3 kilos until my goal.  I fear that even when I reach my goal, I will not get rid of my baby belly, which is my only bone of contention now, body-wise, despite doing 400 crunches a day.  Maybe the muscle is just growing on top of the fat…  I am not perfect, but I think apart from my tum, I am as good as I’m going to be, and totally fine with it 😉  

Work – I taught at a new private kindergarten last Tuesday that my agent found for me.  I was pretty nervous, because the place is built like a museum, and they have a log cabin built especially for after-school classes..lots of 教育ママ there too http://www.kodama-kindergarten.com/.  But children are still children, right?  No matter how fancy their school is.  What my boss “forgot” to tell me, is that the mothers would be sitting in on the demo lessons too, so 16 children, 16 mothers..good job I am used to being observed from my days as a trainer!  There are two kindergarten classes, and one primary school class (8-10 y.o.) including the headteacher’s son, who is the funniest!  They are great children.  Apart from the two five year olds who kept slapping my bum..So that is an extra 36,000 a month for a few hours a week, which will pay for H’s kindie with some extra left over.  I also have a private student who I teach every Sunday.  She is my own student (not through an agency), so that’s good, financially, plus she is a really nice woman and super conscientious, so very easy to teach.  This is enough work for me really, but I have another model lesson next Saturday with another woman, so we’ll see how that goes.  I might stop advertising after that, because I don’t really want to spend the whole weekend working.  

Y’s Work – Seems to be calming down a little.  He has been home this week by 9:30 except for one day at midnight.  That’s still pretty late for a civil servant, but good for that department.  He has been feverish, coldy and basically just worn out too, so I’m hoping that things will regulate in time.  

Children – H is enjoying being back at the old kindie, although she still tells me most days that she doesn’t want to go.  Usually once she is there, she changes her mind, and never complains or whinges about going.  I explain the reasons why we do everything and if it’s a logical reason, she can easily accept it.  She is an amazingly good girl and I am so proud of her.  

L is being a real “high-need” toddler these days.  He is throwing major tantrums at bedtime, seems to have seperation anxiety and calls “maaaaaaaaaaaama” whenever I leave the room during the day.  Can’t a woman go to the toilet in peace?!?!  On the upside, he is a cheeky funny little boy who is forever making me laugh.  We joined the “Mumin Club” at H’s nursery, which is a pre-pre-school club.  It’s once a fortnight for an hour and a half with about 4 or 5 (I forget) other Mummies and children, most of whom already have children at the nursery too.  Two of the mothers have girls the same age in H’s class and we all have the same age boys – co-incidence, eh?  It’s supposed to get the children used to the nursery, and also for the Mums to socialise.  I’m not so interested in the latter, but it’s good to be a part of something sometimes, and it’s great that it’s a time to set aside for L and I to do fun things together at the nursery too.  Hope it will undo some of the sad times he had at the hoikuen.  Next Monday’s club is a trip to the local park in the dog bus…sure he will LOVE that, he is crazy about that weird bus.  

Holiday!  I booked our holiday to Guam for July.  So, so excited!  All of the package tours were 3 or 4 days, and with the late night flight times, and early morning returns, they were only really one or two full days max.  So I booked seperately and now we leave in the morning, and go home in the afternoon, have three full days, and two half days either side.  Plus, it worked out cheaper, AND my friend works for Marriott, so we got a friends discount on the hotel too.  Y asked his boss if he could take the days off (it’s the holiday weekend, so he only needs two days but he is super afraid of making trouble so put off asking for ages) and his boss told him of course, and that family is important.  I am officially in love with his boss.  I’m really excited!  Did I say that already!?!?  It will be our first holiday overseas for all of us together.  Can’t wait for a beach with nice sand and sea you can see through 🙂  

Ok, now to bed, night night x  


4 thoughts on “busy bee

  1. Your kids look gorgeous! great photos 🙂 So wonderful about the holiday too, I`m a wee bit jealous but shouldn`t be, we are heading to the Gold Coast later this month..
    Glad things are starting to calm down with DH work..hope things continue to improve there.

  2. Thank you, and thanks for the comment! Ah, Guam is no Gold Coast…but it’s sun, sea and sand, so I’m really excited! How long are you off for?

  3. Only for 10 days..there was a super ticket deal last Dec..only 8000 yen each!!! insane..so we could`nt pass it up.

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