Poor Baby

Well, my favourite time of year, Golden Week.  Y told me his colleagues all have plans to go places and he thought maybe we “should” and asked me last week if I wanted to go on a trip anywhere.  I said that it was probably less hassle, not to mention cheaper to stay closer to home.  Besides, there are lots of things that we can do locally.  A couple of festivals, and just get out in the fresh air, etc.  He agreed and said it just felt lame when he said he had no plans to his coworkers..

On Saturday, we went out for lunch with my MIL and SIL.  L was a bit quiet, but he was eating well, and calm enough, so I thought nothing of it.  When we got home, I was sitting at the computer when he came over to me.  I sat him on my lap and he just kind of flopped on me, then threw up all over the place.  Y panicked, “he’s throwing up, SICK!” which of course got L a bit stressed, whereas I had heard it coming and just said, “it’s ok, I know”.  Y carried on, “what should I do, what should I do?!”, so L and I stripped off and went in the shower.  We just sat there for a while.  The closeness and the warm water seemed to help.  After that, he started getting bad diarrhoea, and was pretty much attached to me.  As it was a Saturday, and quite late in the day, it took us a while to find a doc. who was open.  We called MIL and SIL and they came over to look after H.  The last thing we wanted was for her to pick something up either from L or at the docs.  They closed at 6p.m., and we were fifteen minutes away at five to six…but after calling, they said it was no problem, and just to come as soon as possible.  After a messy nappy change in the docs. loo, we went in to see him.  He was an old man, but very friendly, kind, and concerned.  He looked at me and started throwing out medical terms in English.  He asked me what colour the poo was, and I told Y that I could show him the nappy if he liked, but Y didn’t think that was a good thing to share.  He made a diagnosis of rotavirus (which upon further research is very common in children, and basically gastroenteritis).  He said he would give some meds. to stop the sickness and diarrhoea and that we should try and keep him hydrated with apple juice (is a “good” juice) and diluted Pocari Sweat.  So we went home and did as instructed.  He drank some water in the car, but it came straight back up again.  Home, and two changes of clothes later, his temperature started to go up.  I decided to sleep in H’s bed and pulled L’s bed over so we were next to each other.  H slept in my bed with Y.  I thought at least then, they would get a good night’s sleep.  L was pretty restless throughout the night.  He was quiet, but really hot, and out of it.  The next day he was pretty much the same, just laying on my chest, and feverish.  His temperature reached 40.4 degrees, which is really scary.  At this point, he didn’t even want water.  We decided to take him to the emergency doc. open from 7p.m., just to make sure.  The previous doc. said that he might need an I.V. drip if he got too dehydrated, so I thought we should go, even if we thought he was ok, as during Golden Week proper, we might not find a doctor so easily.  The doc. checked him over and told us to keep on with the meds and hydrating.  I told her that the fever reducers weren’t working, and she said it might just take some time, but that it would come down.  I know that a fever isn’t the main cause for concern in children, but I always get scared when it gets so high.  That night we slept in the same places as the previous one.  It was a bit rocky, but L woke up at 2a.m. asking for water.  This was great, because we had been giving him water on a spoon, and even then he hadn’t really wanted us to give him anything.  His fever had gone down to 39.2  I never thought I would be glad of this.  He slept a little more, and then at around 5a.m. he woke up and his temperature was 37.6.  He was talking, smiling and so much better that I thought I might cry.  We are over the worst, I thought.  Well, it’s now Wednesday night, and he is still very much out of sorts.  He has barely eaten, and L is happiest when he eats, so you can imagine that he’s kind of pissed off.  He puts food in his mouth and then just spits it out.  It’s been a while, and his stomach just isn’t ready yet.  He had a bit of banana and bread today though, so that’s definitely progress.  So our Golden Week was a bit of a downer.  MIL and SIL helped save our sanity though.  They took H to the park and to play a couple of times, and took care of the children while Y and I went to the gym together one day.  I felt guilty about leaving L, but Y convinced me that I needed a break, and I am glad that he did, because I felt much better to cope with the situation after I had seperated myself for a couple of hours.

H is back at her old nursery tomorrow.  She seems a bit out of it too.  I’m hoping it’s just apprehension for her new class and teacher, and not that she is coming down with the bug too…I think she’s missed playing with L too, poor thing. 

Good job we didn’t make plans though, huh?


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