Back we go!

In continuation from my last post, we are now officially quitting the hoikuen. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun! No time for regrets. Most important thing is the children. And I KNOW Hannah will be thrilled.

Y told them that my working hours are not stacking up as they should be, and so affording the childcare is a problem, and I will return Hannah to the youchien. If the youchien start the one year old morning class, then it will definitely be good to enrol L there as well. The GREAT thing is that we can quit the hoikuen this month, and start back at the youchien after golden week. It seems quite sudden, but then it’s not really long enough for Luka to mind (although he still hates going, so it should be no problem there) and it’s good that H and her friends won’t have forgotten each other. She has made a few friends at the new place, but still pines for her old mates.

So LAST moving! Fingers crossed!


2 thoughts on “Back we go!

  1. You definitely need to do what is right for you and your family. I think I would of come to the same conclusion as you guys…

    I hope Hannah will be happier at her old school and also that they start a morning class that maybe Luka can attend!

    I didn`t get much chance to read blogs the last few days and I come back and you have moved back here to wordpress and the kids are quitting hoikuin! hehe

    Hope you guys have a nice golden week!

  2. Thanks for visiting Laura! I hate to go backwards once I’ve decided on something. That’s foolish, I suppose, because if things really were better before, and there’s a chance to return to that way, then why not? Don’t worry, the whole changing daycare and blogs happened in the space of a few hours, ha ha!

    Hope you have a great Golden Week too!

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