Silver Week

Luka and Mako

Luka and Mako


Sun canopy

Is it just me, or is Silver Week a bit of an anti-climax?  For those of you who aren’t living in Japan (hello family), Silver Week is new for 2009.  Golden Week in May is when a few national holidays fall in the same week, so many companies decided to make the whole week a holiday (although I don’t know of many..).  So this September, there is Respect the Aged Day today, Autumn Equinox on Wednesday, and I have just been reliably informed by my husband that tomorrow is “the holiday between the holiday.  Wakaru?!”  So basically, the holidays fall nicely together and attached to a weekend this year.  I wonder whether Silver Week will continue, or if this year is just a happy co-incidence.  Will let you know next year 😉

So far, Silver Week has been exhausting.  I can’t even really pinpoint why, but I know it has something to do with children and men.  Or a mixture of both.  Although my children have no relation to men, but my man has more than a little of the children still lurking inside…hee hee.  Anyway, during the week, Hannah is at kindergarten, and Yusuke is at work, so lunch for me and Luka is a very simple affair of sandwiches or egg on rice, or defrosted leftovers.  This weekend there have been cooked meals left right and centre.  Do I LOOK like a chef?  Does anybody really need two cooked meals in one day?!?  Of course, if I were a model Japanese wife, there might even be a cooked breakfast of grilled fish, miso soup and the rest of it.  But I am not.  So there isn’t 😛

I go about my cleaning duties as usual, and technically, it should be easier than usual, if not the same, because my husband is here to watch the children while I am working away.  But in reality, it turns out that it’s actually more difficult.  Everytime I get stuck into something (usually down the toilet bowl or in the bathroom drain..), there is a loud bang and crying children.  Turns out “watch the children” means just that.  Watch the baby as he climbs up on the high chair and slips down and donks his head on the table top.  But it has been quite productive.  I have done a lot of jobs that needed doing.  Packing up more clothes and changing the seasonal clothes over.  Putting the photos onto discs and cleaning up the P.C..  I am still trying to get rid of some of my books.  I am getting a bit tired of having them hanging around.  Wish there were charity shops here 😦

We went for a picnic today with Yusuke’s friend, his wife and baby, which sounds nice, but of course I was responsible for all the preparation.  Sandwiches, rolls, veggies, fruit, drinks, etc..  Yusuke said he would drive, so I snuggled into the passenger seat and closed my eyes ready for a sneaky nap.  But 10 minutes later, after a near-collision with a two-ton truck, I took over and Yusuke stole my nap from me!  Turns out, he had taken some anti-histamines for his hayfever.  Recipe for sleep at the wheel, yikes!

So although the picnic was nice, it was quite a tiring day overall.  Went to the gym tonight though.  My membership is from 9p.m., but as it’s Silver Week, the gym closes at 10p.m.  I made sure that I was there at 9 on the dot and was working away on the leg press, listening to my ipod.  Suddenly, one member of staff was talking to me, “sorry, but we are closing at 9:30p.m. tonight.”  What?!?!  It was 9:40.  I looked around and I was the ONLY person in the funny.  They must have made an announcement, but I was just carrying on oblivious.  I apologised profusely (turning Japanese much?) and made my way out.  Quite surprisingly though, I managed to get quite a lot done in thirty minutes.  I had thought that it would be packed in there tonight, but quite the opposite.  Even the “buriburi” machine was free (that vibrating platform thingy).  Usually you have to make an appointment and it is booked up all night.  Didn’t try it though.  Something about my bum jiggling about in front of the world makes me feel a bit green.  Even though they have put up a screen behind the machines, you can still see in from the side.

So this week, I find myself slightly confused and a little bit guilty, although there is nothing really all that unusual there!  Silver Week is just not really what it’s cracked up to be and having Hannah and Yusuke at home is pretty demanding!  Plus Luka is teething, so he’s like a bear with a sore head.  Although the weather is pretty nice.  Cool breeze, sunny days 🙂  No plan tomorrow, but I’d like to get out of the house for a while.  Might just stay close to home.  The children seemed quite tired today too.  I would have thought Hannah would be more tired after a day at kindergarten, but she always seems more tired after a weekend day.  Strange.  Hope tomorrow will be a slightly more relaxing day.


One thought on “Silver Week

  1. sorry to hear about your anti-climactic silver week!!!
    sounds like the picnic was fun at that baby is super cute!! that must have been SO SCARY about yusuke and the anti-histamines driving. wow… im glad that none of you guys were hurt due to that.

    btw – in response to a comment you left me. you guys are more than welcome to come up to visit us in nagaoka anytime. weekday, weekend.. all perfectly fine. im pretty free the entire month of october.

    i think after our trip our to nagano this week ryohei probably wont be up for any more trips for the next couple weeks or so but i want to come back down to gunma again sometime before i head back to the us for christmas and see you guys and maybe sophie-tachi as well 😀

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