Maternity Clothes Anyone?

So, I’m going on well with the clearing out.  Who knew that I had so much stuff that I don’t need?!?  Especially after we threw out so much after we moved last November!  Seeing it out of cupboards makes me wonder how it all fit in this place!  I threw out a big bag of clothes, old ones that I must have had for nigh on five years, and some maternity clothes that I had worn well.

I have a big bag of good maternity clothes (one of those blue Ikea bags) to offer to any pre-mamas out there.  There are about 3 pairs of trousers, two skirts, pair of shorts, a few dresses and a load of tops that I mostly got sent from family in the U.K., Italy and some tops from the U.S. (online).  Condition is mostly good down to decent (you know pregnancy is pretty short and I threw away the really worn ones!).  A lot of them I wore during one pregnancy and a couple of things for two.  I would prefer to send the whole bag out, chakubarai plus 2000 yen.  I can also send items out seperately if need be.  I will get some photos taken this weekend, but just wanted to put the feelers out to see if anyone was interested.

No takers for the books yet though 😦  Hate to let things go to the Hard Off fat cats…


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