Books and Rice Cookers!

Another week has begun (still think of Sunday as “weekend”) and this weekend seemed to fly by!  The free Japanese lessons at the community centre started up again on Saturday.  I had applied and was meaning to go, but ahhhh, just seems to cut out so much of my weekend time.  Weird, because I technically don’t “work”, but weekend is my chance to get things done while hubby is there to help out with watching the children. 

I am still de-cluttering, but quite frustrated.  Wish there were charity shops here.  There are lots of things that I don’t want/need in my house anymore, but hate to throw things away that other people could get use out of.  Books, hardly ever worn shoes, DVDs.  Then I remembered that the city hall has a free English library where they take donated books.  So yesterday, I piled all of my read and likely never to be read again books, and filled one of those paper Ikea bags.  Then realised it was a Sunday and there wouldn’t be anyone to take them *sigh*  So put them in the car ready for when I could face carting a heavy bag of books with children in tow.

Hannah is off nursery today.  She has a cold.  Usually I would let her go, because she is still up for playing, but everyone is paranoid about swine flu, so I kept her home.  Now she is bored, oh dear, where to go?  Too hot for the park, too snotty for the indoor play area.  Either to city hall to take the books (what fun!) or to K’s Denki to look at new rice cookers (yay for me, bit of a yawn for the children..).  But then, children can have fun anywhere, right?  At least the age that mine are 🙂  Books and rice cookers it is then!  Bye!


2 thoughts on “Books and Rice Cookers!

  1. I think books and rice cookers are great fun- I am sure the kids loved it.

    I know what you mean about getting rid of stuff in Japan- they make it so hard to “donate” and what not. Maybe try a book-off if close by- they take dvds, books and more- some even have a “baby” section for baby stuff too.

  2. We ended up going to the city hall to drop the books off first. I took some cheese pretzels that we had made this weekend, and some yoghurt, and we sat up on the 21st viewing floor eating 🙂 The children LOVED the crazy view. Got rid of my books, although have to say she almost didn’t take them. They don’t have much space in there, which is a shame, because I hate to throw away useful stuff. Freecycle is around I suppose, but not in my area. They offered me to moderate, but I just don’t have the time. Book off avoids the waste issue, I suppose, but I hate giving stuff to those shops. The mark-up on the items are just ridiculous! I took a once worn suit to Hard Off once, and they gave me 300 yen for it…Bet they put it back on the rack at at least 1500 :(( I would rather cut out the (big fat cat) middle man, silly as it may seem.

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