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I can’t believe that today was the first day we have been to the outdoor pool.  It’s so great that my babies are finally old enough for Yusuke and I to take them to the pool, even though us adults can’t get any “proper” swimming done 🙂 

Luka adores water, ever since he was a baby, and he got in that first bath, it was a love/love relationship.  He loves splashing around, putting his face in the water, rolling in it, giggling in it, you name it.  So he loved today’s pool. 

I was surprised that the pool was so big.  It’s only a five minute drive from our place, incorporated into a big park where I take the children sometimes.  It cost 200 yen to get in, 100 yen for Luka, and Hannah went for free by bringing her kindergarten badge with her (not that 100 yen would have broke the bank, but still nice).  There are plenty of lifeguards around, and three pools.  One for little ones, which is only 50cm deep, but strangely, the coldest of the lot.  Another, for serious lane swimming, and then the largest, and seemingly most popular, a one metre deep pool with big water slides at the side.  Hannah loved this one, because she could float in her rubber ring while dangling her legs.  We put Luka in the little ring too and he loved it.  It’s one of those with the little seat in, so really good for Luka.  We actually bought it for Hannah, but she seems to be a bit top heavy for it, so it’s hard to keep it balanced.  She flipped up today after getting a bit braver, which kind of freaked her out a bit, but she was soon back into it and didn’t want to leave!

The most unusual thing, and I had heard they do this, is that every 30 minutes, they get everyone out of the pool for 5 minutes.  I’m still not really sure why they do this, so your input would be appreciated!  They walk around checking the bottom of the pools.  For “health and safety”, but as I said, not quite sure what this means.  I have heard several things, from checking nobody has drowned (hmm, surely 30 minutes later would make revival quite hard), checking for dangerous items in the water, and for checking chemical levels?

Anyway, all in all it was a really fun morning, although next time we might go a bit later.  I had wanted to go early so as to avoid the crowds, but Obon has made it quiet anyway, and the water was really quite cold at first.  We left at 10:30 after Hannah’s lips started looking a bit blue..yikes!  Hannah has already said that we are going tomorrow, so let’s just hope the weather holds out!

After the pool, and then lunch, we went to have a look at a gym.  I have decided that I need to do something to

1. Get me out of the house

2. Stop me from resenting the children

3. Help me lose some weight.  If I can’t stop eating, at least I can try to burn it all off!

But what?!  The gym was closed!  For Obon.  It opens from tomorrow though, so that will be the plan.  Not sure how my gym plan is going to work out though, because I am only going to be able to go at night, which is 9p.m. until midnight, so might be a bit tiring.  But am quite excited about doing something for myself again too 🙂


8 thoughts on “Pool!

  1. You are lucky to have two kids who love the water!! Sounds like a really nice family day!! We have a big swimming complex type of thing near us as well and I am really looking forward to being able to take any future kids there for a swim 🙂

    • Yes, that’s true. Although Hannah is a bit wary. We went again yesterday, and she burst into panicky tears every time someone splashed and water went in her eyes. She seems to think that water in the eyes is extremely dangerous! I have been trying to reassure her and to help her feel safe, but one trip down the slide and a fall under the water kind of pushed her back a little – thanks Dad!!! But these outdoor pools here are amazing. I couldn’t find one back at home unless I went to the seaside (ironic, eh?!).

  2. it might be enforced rest. you know, because we idiots don’t know how to take care of ourselves. also, to check the pool, but really, so we idiots don’t drown ourselves…


  3. Sounds like fun~ I can’t wait to get to go to a pool again. I heard about that pool check too!! So weird! Sounds kind of annoying too, especially if you’re in the middle of some fun. Good luck with the gym anyways~~~

    Btw, love the new banner on you blog… you sure make one hot Japan mama =)

    • Ahh, it will be a while for you now then, but it means that Ponyo will be way old enough to go with you 🙂 Did you not get to go this summer? Or are you steering clear of public pools healthwise? I went swimming at 8 months preggo, lovely skirted maternity tankini. Used only once…I remember being in the water was the only place where I felt normal!

      Hot mama? Me? *blush*

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