Well we have now been here for almost twelve days and I am SOOO glad that we decided to come for a whole month.  I am hoping, seriously hoping that the bad times are over.  I am a little pressed for time, as ever, so I will give you the details in short, just in case I don’t have time to finish up! 

Nightmare #1

The flight was going so well.  Both children were happy enough, and they were actually sleeping – yes, and at the same time – shock?!?!  The final four hour stretch came up, it was dark and lots of people asleep.  Then Hannah coughed and the contents of her stomach went everywhere – nice.  It was only ever the second time she had thrown up.  Nice timing.

Nightmare #2

The jetlag/no sleep/not dark until 10p.m. nightmare – enough said


Thursday 9th  Luka got sick – feverish.  He had a high temperature and screamed and screamed for a day (and night) and a half.  We eventually had the doctor come out to visit our house – a rare feat in the U.K.!


Saturday 11th, 1:30a.m.  Hannah’s nappy leaked.  Woke up to find her bed soaked – poor thing, and damn those Pampers!  Put her in the bed with me..and hanging off the edge of the bed..


Saturday 11th, 4:30a.m.  Hannah woke up by screaming and clambering all over me, saying “there are spiders all over the bed!”  She was burning up, handed Luka to a sleepy Grandma and went to get Hannah some infant paracetamol.  Went back to bed again.


Hannah didn’t get better.  Fever shot up to 39.7  I panicked because last time she was 39.4 was when she had a febrile convulsion.  Temperature was up to 40.1 deg by 5p.m.


Stupid emergency doctor phoneline didn’t call back until 11p.m., despite us calling them at 4p.m.  They diagnosed Swine Flu…over the PHONE!!!!  Then another doc called back at 12:30a.m., when we were all in bed to say that he thought we should go over there to check her out because Tamiflu has lots of side effects…

Phew #1

Just a throat infection – got some infant ibuprofen and her temperature was a nice normal-ish 37.7degs.


Got home, Hannah asked for a hug, and then promptly threw up all over the sofa.


Hannah has eaten, taken meds, and is bright and happy. 

Please, please, please let this be it on the nightmare front!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Holiday?!

  1. WOW thats a lot of nightmares for one half of a trip back home – hope that this is just getting all the kinks out and you’ll be able to enjoy your last 2 weeks there!!! I can’t believe you’ve been there 12 days already!!

    poor Hannah – give her a big hug for me!!!

    have you been able to get anything fun in like shopping between all the jet lag and sick kiddies?

    • Thanks, I am hoping that that is all of it out of the way with! It really doesn’t seem as if I have been here for 12 days either 😦 Fortunately, I did do a big shopping trip in the earlier days, but still much shopping to be done!

  2. Wow what luck!!
    I really hope the rest of the trip is more easy going and enjoyable for everyone.

    Don’t forget to shop until you drop while you still can!

  3. Oh I hope the rest of the trip is less uneventful in terms of sickness and toilet issues!!!

    I can not believe the diagnosed swine flu over the phone- glad it wasn`t that.

    Hope Hannah is feeling better soon and that the bug stops with her.

    • Thanks! I know, the over the phone diagnosis was the scariest of all. Especially as children can’t really tell you all of their symptoms!

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