Unwelcome return of the monthly visitor

Lovely View, shame about my mood..

Lovely View, shame about my mood..

Ok, I seem to be slowly figuring out how to use WordPress.  Just found out how to type on a full screen, so I suppose that is my lesson of the day!  Woke up yesterday morning with a bloated and crampy tummy.  After twelve months and three days of breastfeeding, my “womanhood” has decided to return…boo!  After having Hannah, my cycle returned after a couple of months, so I didn’t really have such a long break, and I have to say..it sucks!

My stomach pains reminded me of early labour, so that was a bit of a trip down memory lane a.k.a. crying fest.  My back hurt, my head was numb, and my husband needed to shut up and go away.  Getting Hannah ready for nursery was a nightmare, and if Yusuke’s look meant to say, “where is my bento?” then he could think again. 

So after dropping Hannah off and coming back home, I sat in the mess and started feeding Luka.  Oh yes, now I remember, that is why breastfeeding is supposed to be good for losing weight.  It helps your uterus to contract.  Oh, and contract it did, with every suck, as if my period cramps weren’t doing a good enough job on their own.  Arghhhhhh, go to sleep already!

Finally, he did go to sleep.  But I was tired, so tired.  So I made my usual coffee, but that made it worse of course.  Why don’t these paracetamol work?!?  I read up on good food to eat for stomach cramps, knowing that my body wouldn’t be happy with anything other than chocolate.  But no, apples, celery, oily fish…no red meat or dairy.  Here I was defrosting mince for dinner, and eating a pot of yoghurt.  Hmm, that’s not good then.  So I had a stick of celery.  Then a packet of chocolate.

I e-mailed my husband, rather nicely, I thought: Am feeling crappy.  Know you are busy, but try to come home earlyish?

I called him at 6p.m. (he finishes at 5:30), he sounded happy, grr..and then he asked me if I was having a good day.  “Of course not”, I snapped, “when are you coming home?”  Felt a bit mean after that, but I took a bath with the children and hubby came home while we were brushing our teeth, so he helped me by reading Hannah a story (which had to be read in our bed while I was feeding Luka, as usual) and putting her to bed.

Finally, I reheated Yusuke’s dinner, filled up my hot water bottle and crashed in front of the t.v. to watch House.  Bliss xxx


6 thoughts on “Unwelcome return of the monthly visitor

  1. ohhh that doesn’t sound like fun!!!!
    one thing I have really enjoyed is not having my “monthly visitor” (lol) as you put it come! makes life so simple and painfree – well until this month!!!

    hoping she stays away for quite a while as no periods and no 2nd babies would be nice for a while longer!!!!

    feel better xo

    • Thanks. Am feeling much better now. It kind of just hit me out of the blue, like it had been saving it up over the past year and a half! Not so nice to be feeling crappy and not being able to dive under the covers and hide alone 😦

      No second babies? Shall I hold you to that one? x

  2. I too blogged hopped from Sara’s!! It’s great to see that you have a blog too now 🙂 I will enjoy getting to know you and the kiddies via your blog!

    I can’t imagine getting your period after so long would be very fun… I hope the pain eases for you. I usually find a hot water bottle does the trick too but don’t you find it way too hot in Japan, especially with the humidity?

    • Yours too. I wish I had more time to read everyones stuff! Yeah, the pain sucks, eh? I have been clutching the hot water bottle, but you are so right about the heat! And hard to keep holding onto the hot water bottle and the baby at the same time, hee hee!

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