Luka’s First Birthday!

Demon!Sleepy boy...

After Luka having been awake until 10p.m. the night before, Hannah woke us up at 6:30a.m.  Looking at Luka, he seemed to have grown overnight, or maybe I was just looking at him differently because he had reached his one year milestone?  Strange, but he seems younger than Hannah did on her first birthday.  Perhaps because Hannah looks so much bigger than him already!  So Sunday was also Father’s Day, but unfortunately, Yusuke didn’t really get much of one!  I had bought him a couple of mackerel for his breakfast (I hate the smell and the look of them, so I usually don’t buy them!), but Luka and Hannah ate most of them, hovering over him like vultures waiting for him to pity them!

The children both have colds and have been taking medicine, which upon further investigation, I found was a kind of sedative, so that would explain the strange moods and the grogginess.  We opened presents after Luka had had a nap, because he was so grumpy.  I bought him two little Bruin toys.  It’s difficult now, because Hannah has so many toys and we are running out of space!  But I bought a little push along giraffe thing and an activity centre that you can use just so, or attach to the cot.  He was really happy with them both.  I thought it would take a while for him to enjoy the push along thing because he’s not walking yet, but he is quite happy to kneel and push, and has even been spotted trying to stand and push at the same time, so maybe that will help him get moving!

Just before lunch, Hannah and I made a birthday cake for teatime.  I have spent the past year feeding him healthy food, no added salt/sugar, lots of veggies, etc., so I wanted to make the cake relatively healthy.  We made a carrot cake with raisins, which I was not so keen on, because I don’t like raisins, but apart from that, it was quite nice!  I am not a big cake baker, so was quite surprised at how easy it was and how relatively well it turned out!  It was quite mishapen and crap looking though, ha ha!  Oh well, the thought was there!

Luka didn’t really eat much of it and I saw Yusuke trying to get him to eat it.  “You don’t have to force him to eat cake!”  I said.  It’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t eat it!  He ate a bit, but mostly played with it.  Hannah, on the other hand, had two small pieces.

Because we had so much left, we decided to take some to the MILs house.  It had been raining that morning, but it had stopped, and I thought it might be nice to walk there.  We started walking, me with Hannah in the pushchair, and Yusuke carrying Luka on the hipcarry (he wanted to have some “Luka time”).  But it is all uphill and he was walking slowly and stopping now and again to peer at the rice in the rice fields.  So I just went on ahead.

I have been watching “The Biggest Loser”, a weightloss programme from the U.K. that my Mum has been sending me, and they are all worked out to their limits.  It has been a long time since I have done that, so I decided I wanted to remind myself what it felt like, so I started to run – ha ha!  Me..flat feet..running..ha ha!

Anyway, at first it felt pretty good.  Then I started to feel the burn and started walking again for a bit.  Hannah piped up, “can you run again, please?” which sounds like a question, but was really more of an order!  So in a way, she was my personal trainer, and I ended up running, stopping, being shouted at, and running again, all the way to MIL’s house.  By the time I got there, I looked like a tomato.

Hannah immediately got inside the house and started climbing on the slide and running about, and then at some point, she decided to throw up all of her lunch and cake all over the floor.  It is the first time she has been sick since she was a baby, so she was really quite shocked at the sight of it, poor thing 😦  Just as I’d got her cleaned up, changed into a big T-shirt from the SIL and sitting down colouring calmly, she threw up again, this time on the tatami – arghhhhhhhhhh!  This time she was really distressed that I took her to lean over the toilet and she noticed that there was some in her hair.  So in the shower we went again.  After that, she lay down and slept for an hour, so she must have been exhausted, poor thing.

Luka fell asleep at 5:30 too, and we put him in bed when we got home, and there he slept all night.  Apart from waking for feeds of course.  So all in all, Luka spent most of his birthday feeding and sleeping!  And poor Hannah, just ate too much!CakeYum!


2 thoughts on “Luka’s First Birthday!

  1. Happy 1st birthday to Luka!!! Wow, he is growing so fast. I am so happy you started blogging so that we can follow along on the journey!

    I think the cake looked great- although I am with you and do not eat raisens. You are doing pretty awesome to only feed him healthish food! I am not sure how I will go in that department as I do not eat that healthy myself but I better get my act together before baby comes! I am trying to eat better now that I know I am pregnant but the bakeries in Japan are not my friend! LOL

    Happy father`s day to your husband also!

    • Aww, thanks! I thought I had left a reply here, but I guess not eh? Not really sure how much I am going to be able to blog here. With the two little ones, my time is really really limited! But it’s nice to be able to leave my story for family and friends, and to look back on once in a while. Look forward to reading yours too!

      I was not really all that healthy either, but I started eating more healthily when I was making foods for Hannah. It made a huge difference to my energy levels and moods too! I would highly recommend it! Not that I don’t go to the dark side occasionally too 😉 Hope your pregnancy is going well, and enjoy the yummy bread!

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