Out with the kiddlywinks

June 11th 030


June 11th 029

Ok, so I know I was supposed to go to Hannah’s kindergarten for the observation today, but Luka had virtually NO sleep (meaning I got next to none..) and spent most of the night gnawing (yes, it does sound bad, but it was bad 😦 ) on my breast.  His ears are really troubling him and I didn’t think he would be a very well-behaved guest.  Not wanting Hannah to be at nursery while all of the other Mummies were there, I decided that we would take the day off.  There was a summer festival dance practice at nursery today too, that I would like to have seen, but then Hannah will be in the U.K. while they have their summer festival anyway, so it’s not really all that important.

I never thought that I’d say it, but I miss just hanging out with Hannah and Luka, without time constraints.  I let Hannah sleep as long as she wanted too, and she didn’t get up until 8a.m.  Luka was up at 6 though!  I made lunch for us all, packed it up and then after breakfast, we drove off to Genki Plaza in Maebashi.  It’s a government funded indoor play centre and there are a few scattered around, but this one is quite new and has lots of fancy toys and soft playmats, so it’s good for babies too.  When we got there, it was packed, so the staff told us to come back later.  We went and ate our lunch at a table, which was quite good really, because Luka was asleep in the pushchair, so it gave him chance to have a bit of a longer sleep.  When we went back upstairs, it was almost empty in the playroom, but on the sofas outside, there were huge amounts of mum’s and children all eating what seemed like one mass picnic.  Cliquey?  Very.

So we got to go in the playroom, yay!  I have taken Luka there a couple of times, but I think he must have forgotten.  As soon as I put him down on the mat, his little face lit up and he squealed!  Now he is so mobile, but still not walking, he hates to be confined in the pushchair, in the car seat, in my arms.  He just wants his FREEDOM!  So it was lovely to just sit back and let them both run loose.  Not worrying what little things were around or obstacles that they could trip up on, fall over, etc. etc.!!  Plus it meant that Hannah was more receptive to playing together, seeing as none of the toys belonged to her!  I think we stayed in there for about an hour and then headed off.  Hannah wanted to walk today, so I took Luka in Hannah’s old buggy.  I remembered that it was really rather crap.  It was great when we bought it, because at the time, I didn’t have a driving license, and was walking all over, taking the train/bus, walking up stairs and having to fold up the pushchair, etc. so the main thing was to have a light and easily foldable buggy.  But now that I am a lazy driver with a big boot, the weight is not really an issue.  The problem is, that my babies are too lean.  Luka was sleeping in it today and he just looked as if he could almost slip out of the straps!!  Technically he couldn’t, but you get my meaning.  And when he is awake and sitting up, he is just slumped down all the time and annoyed when he can’t lift himself  back up again.  So I decided to go and “have a look” in the second hand baby (goods) shop.  They had quite a few, one Graco that was in really good condition and that held Luka quite nicely (although he of course resented the confinement once again).  The only trouble was the wheels didn’t really seem to move well.  It was just sort of gliding across the floor.  Not sure what was up with that.  So I was torn, because it was nice and compact but still flat folding with a big basket and was 5000 yen.  But there is no point getting a pushchair that doesn’t push well.  It’s so frustrating to have one of those.  Come to think of it, the first one we had, also second hand, had that problem too.  Maybe the wheels just go like that?

Arghhhh, what am I ON about?!!  Anyway, nice day all in all, but didn’t get the children to sleep until almost 9 o’clock, and my husband still isn’t home at 10p.m., and I am starving!!!  I shouldn’t have listened to him at 6 o’clock when he said he would be home in an hour and a half…I should know by now!


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