Japan Mama!!!

Ok, so this is my first official WordPress post.  I managed to import all of my blogs from Yahoo, but because there were so many, I had to put all of the photos in a different place, and am now going to have to tediously go through each one and put the photo to the blog.  Don’t hold your breath on that one! 

So Hannah went to nursery today.  She is getting so much better.  She doesn’t cry when I leave her anymore.  In fact she sometimes forgets to say goodbye (wahhhh!).  She doesn’t complain about having to go, although she does still hate to get out of bed every morning, but then don’t we all?!  I feel a bit bad that I have to get her out of bed before she has had her sleepout though.  She seems different these days.  Almost as if she has lost energy/happiness :((  Could it be that she is realising that life is not so great already :((  I only want her to be happy, but it is so difficult to work out what is troubling her and where she really wants to be.  That is the hardest part about being a mother, I think.  Wanting to do the best thing, but not really knowing what that best thing actually is.

Luka however is a lot simpler today.  He has an ear infection and he wants the world to know about it.  He is in pain when he lies down, so usually when I feed him.  He seems to be ok until he stops feeding, and then he cries a weird cry that I have never heard before.  So consequently, I have been spending about an hour sitting on the sofa feeding him/just having him attached every morning.  The day has certainly got shorter, because that’s usually the time that I use to do laundry/washing up/cooking and other tediously dull things.

Tomorrow I have to go to Hannah’s nursery to “observe her class”.  It’s for an hour and a half and there is some summer festival dance practice included.  I am really really hoping that it is just the children who are going to be dancing.  I will be taking Luka with my too, although I’m sure he will not really be happy to just sit and “observe”!  He is not the calmest baby and he moves like the wind once he has his freedom!  All of the other Mummies are going to lunch together after the observation, but I am not.  It may be anti-social of me, but I can think of nothing worse than sitting around having people chatting and not chatting/being chatted too, while eating..Plus, there is the Luka issue, so I am much happier to go home (bah humbug!).

Wish me luck!

(Ratmouse is still at large, by the way…)


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