My first black mark


So I have decided that it is time to buy a new camera. Technically, there is nothing wrong with the one I have already got, other than the fact that it is huge compared to cameras of today…

So I did my online research, and found out how much cheaper I could get them online, went to an electronics shop and picked up brochures from all the leading camera manufacturers (yawn), tried to get English info from the net and then discovered that most of the cameras were only available in Japan as yet, so no English.

Today, because I hadn’t gone out yesterday other than to get the brochures, I decided to go into Takasaki, have a look at the cameras and just have a walk around outside with Luka. I set the sat nav for Takasaki station and when we got close, I turned it off, and made my own way to Yamada Electronics shop. I came to a junction and was not sure if it was the right way or not, but was pretty sure it was ok. I had JUST turned the corner and there he was with his whistle…


…policeman. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Immediately, I knew what I had done, because Takasaki is full of one way roads and stupid road rules!

So I pulled into the car park, he told me that the junction was a straight and left turn only, and I said I didn’t know, I didn’t see the sign, but of course was very humble and apologetic. There were two of them, one of them asked me if I was from the U.K., which I thought was a bit weird, because I couldn’t remember it being written on my licence. But I think it says on the computer when it gets scanned. Anyway, then they said I would have to pay 7000 yen..7000 yen for turning a corner annoying! I had to sign a paper and give my fingerprint, which was a little disconcerting, because I didn’t really know what it said. I know they are police, but really, it could have said anything!!

So I eventually drove off kicking myself, and my heart wasn’t really in it for the cameras…but I found that the prices were so much higher in the store anyway, so will order online. I had a bit of a walk around and popped into the chemist to get some masks. Everyone is going mask crazy about the impending doom of swine flu now that it has hit Japan. They only had a few gauze masks and the chemist said that they had sold out of all of the others within the first half an hour of trading, so it is all a bit mad panic!!

We went to Vie de France for some yummy bread and a not so yummy coffee. Luka got a bit too vocal after a while though – not crying, just his pterodactyl (or however you spell it) screams! Then back with one hour to spare until Hannah got home. Tomorrow is bento day, so I made some little meatballs for her lunch tomorrow and dinner today. Hope she doesn’t think that is a cheek! A lot of schools and nurseries are being closed here because of the swine flu, so I am anticipating spending a lot more time with Hannah pretty soon, as it has just hit Tokyo. They had better give us our money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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