T.V. and cockroach

Wow, these days I am so busy.   There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! I have decided that out of all the things I give 100% to, I can’t do that for the housework . As I read in some book, “housework can wait, babies grow up quickly”, so Hannah and Luka and I have been hanging out having fun. Apart from the essentials (washing, laundry, hoovering), I am trying to do something fun every day. On Tuesday, we went to Genki Plaza (the government play centre). They usually have story time at 11a.m., so we got there just before. However, when we arrived, there were Mums and children making things in the lobby and a film crew. Although I wasn’t really sure what was going on, I was ushered in by an older lady wearing a Mickey Mouse apron…

We sat down and started decorating an egg carton strip with coloured sticky tape. It turned out to be a hairband/tiara type thing.   And the aforementioned woman (Mickey Mouse apron..) spoke to us about playing with our children. Afterwards, I felt quite proud, because I was able to kind of chat with the lady about my family and nursery, etc. etc. And she and the “library woman” were very kind to me.  Hmm, good job I didn’t tell the library woman that I have had two books out for over a month and am too ashamed to bring them back in case I get shouted at. As we were leaving to go into the playroom, the camerawoman asked me if I had a t.v. at home (erm..doesn’t everyone?) and told me to watch the 6 o’clock news.

So of course it was all quite exciting, even though it was only Gunma t.v.! You know I had my “t.v. break” with Geos already!!   But it was Hannah and Luka’s debut!!

So at 6p.m. there we were, a big shot of the Aoyamas and of course I was looking really really bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And typical, lots of focus on us as the only foreigners there…

The moral of this is to make sure you look great before you leave the house because you never know when you might be on t.v., ha ha ha!!

Later that evening, I was just about to go to the loo, when I saw an unwelcome visitor on the ceiling…arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cockroach!!!   Of course, like any normal wife, I calmly went back to the living room..

and asked my husband to deal with it.   He feels the same as I do about roaches, but asked me where the cockroach death spray was. Of course it was in the cleaning cupboard, just beyond where the roach was lurking. So he got it ready, psyched himself up (that was so funny, “I’m going to do it Laura, I’m going to do it Laura!!”) and sprayed it. I was watching through a tiny crack in the living room door, what? I didn’t want it to fly at me! And it fell to the floor on it’s back – yuk yuk yuk. I felt a newfound fondness towards my husband

And now, I wonder if it came because of my less than 100% cleaning.   Yusuke thinks it’s more likely to have come from outside because it was a big one. Hmm..I hope so. I have seen one on the stairs once. Yuk. Why do they have to be so yucky? And why do people who like stag beetles not like cockroaches? What’s the difference?


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