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I keep putting off writing here, because I wanted to start from my birth story, but that could take forever. I actually wrote some in the labour room, but got too much at about 9cm. dilated!!

I had Luka’s one month check-up last week and both he and I are doing well. I was a bit edgy, because the midwife had told me that the doctor wants to see the baby gaining at least 30g. per day or he will tell the mother to supplement with formula. I think that’s a load of rubbish, but I just didn’t want to have to hear him say that. After hearing which doctor I was under however, the midwife thought he would be ok with it anyway (at two weeks after the birth she came to visit and he was gaining 26.4g. per day). After we found out that Luka gained 100g. after just one feed, the midwife even suggested feeding him right before they weighed him at the hospital – hee hee!

That wasn’t really a concern for me. I arrived for my appointment and while I was waiting to have a blood test, Luka let me (and the whole world) know that he was hungry. Although in a ob/gyn hospital it should really be acceptable to feed baby wherever, it is not the done thing. I waited a little bit, and then decided that I had no choice but to go to the “Mummy’s Room” and feed him. While I was sitting in there, I heard them calling my number on the loudspeaker, but thought, oh well, they can wait!

All in all, as usual, there was a lot of waiting involved, so I ended up spending quite a bit of time in the Mummy’s Room…

When they eventually weighed him, they calculated that he was gaining 39g. per day. So I’m not sure if that was just the marathon feeding sessions of that morning, or a more constant measure. Whichever, I was very happy. It is now five weeks since Luka was born and he now weighs 4100g. (birth weight was 2805) and his mega frequent feeding seems to have stabilised a bit. I am getting a fairly decent amount of sleep (6 hours last night from 10-4!) and feeling a bit more normal. I am still in pain on the one side, but getting more bearable and seems to be healing. I certainly don’t dread the feedings like I did thank goodness

Hannah had herpangina (yes, again) from Monday. I kept her off nursery on Tuesday and went to the doc. The doctor showed me inside her throat and she had some really painful looking blisters on her tonsils, poor thing. I decided to keep her off nursery all week to give her a chance to properly get over it. The doctor said just 2 or 3 days, or until she was eating well again, but I think the last time, I didn’t wait long enough and it’s probably why she got it again. I know her health is more important, but we are having to pay 37,000yen a month for that germ-infested nursery! And there are of course no refunds for sick days…I thought about stopping it for the last month (she is entitled to go until August 15th), but she really likes going there, so I wanted her to go as much as possible. It’s such a shame she can’t keep going, but in order for that to happen, I would have to work at least 4 hours a day, and that’s not going to happen.

The agent who employed me to work at the kindergarten contacted me again this week. There is a new international nursery opening and they need a teacher Mon-Fri for 90 minutes a day. They can look after Hannah and Luka, but I am not ready to leave Luka just I don’t think I would have time to plan the lessons. I hardly have time for anything right now!! Shame though..


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