Yesterday, Yusuke took a half day off to help me at the immigration office. My visa had expired on July 4th and I had completely forgotten to get it renewedげっそり衝撃 After they had shouted at him and generally made me feel very guilty, they agreed to extend the visa…

Anyway, after that, I wanted to do something nice for him, so we went for lunch at Denny’s near our placeおにぎり. When we arrived there, there were two big black cars with darkened glass and a white celsior (also darkened glass) in the car park眼鏡. There were drivers in all of the cars, and another guy standing outside by the cars. It was so obviously Yakuza (Japanese gang like the Mafia)ボケーっとした顔.

When we went into the entrance, there was a guy standing outside the door of the restaurant – more of their security! When we went inside, we spotted a few older men who we presumed to be the bosses. Sitting at another table were some younger guys, who we later found out to be their bodyguards. One of them actually carried their boss’s very expensive looking designer “handbag” for him.

One of the older men went to the toilet (a mean looking guy with a bald head, suit and glasses), and his bodyguard followed him and stood at the door to the toilet to protect him雷. Yusuke wondered what would happen if he tried to go at the same time, and thought the guard would probably tell him the toilet was unavailableパンチ I told him to try it..of course (thankfully) he did not!

Finally, we watched them all leave. It was all very interesting for me. It was my first experience being in such close proximity to such a kind of gang, and very exciting! It made me wonder what they had been talking about. And I also wondered how they had ended up in Dennys of all placesexclamation & question

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