Nightmare of all nightmares!!

Last night after dinner, I went to the fridge and got a minstrel. While I was eating it, I thought, ‘God this is a hard one’ and while chewing, thought, ‘I should complain, but they are from the U.K.’ Finally I realised that there was something a bit wrong, and when I took the hard bits out of my mouth, after a brief wondering if they had introduced hazelnuts to minstrels, I realised that they were bits of teeth!! One of my upper back molars had shattered and half of it was gone! I imagine most of it I swallowed, but there were just cracked bits covered in chocolate coming out. It didn’t really hurt at all, but the thought of it was just awful!

Deciding I shouldn’t really leave this one until after giving birth (I have already lost a small one from the front teeth that I decided could wait), we asked Kyoko if she could take me to the dentists this morning. And so I went to bed not being able to coax my tongue out of exploring the new gap. God, I hate dental problems…

I have just come back from the dentist, after it only taking about 40 minutes total (including waiting time), and they put a temporary filling on. They were quite surprised that it wasn’t hurting at all, because they said it was a very deep cavity, but of course they couldn’t check with an x-ray while I was this pregnant. The dentist tried to talk to me in English, which was a first, because I have been there about four times, and they have always talked through Yusuke. The main dentist had pretty good English, but his co-worker, who he handed me over to, was a bit nervous. She tried really hard, so I felt so sorry! She asked me to bite down and then “grind lateral”, I didn’t really get it, and then she came out with yet more specialised language that I had no clue about!

While I was sitting in the chair, I suddenly had a horrible thought. What if, NIGHTMARE of nightmares, my waters broke in the dentist’s chair??? What a horrible story that would be to tell for years to come!!


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