Back on Track

Yesterday I got my Natal Hypnotherapy C.D.s that I had ordered from the U.K. It had only take about 3 days, so I was quite surprised! I had written my due date on the form, so maybe they thought they’d better get a move on!!

I kept Hannah off nursery for the second day yesterday. To be honest, she’s been driving me nutty, and I think she was missing being there too. I am still feeling grotty, so we were no company for each other really. In the morning we went to Genki Plaza in Maebashi, to the childrens indoor play area (it was too hot to be outside). She didn’t play very well with the other children, and when we were about to leave, she threw a tantrum and hit another little boy. It was quite awful, but I made her apologise, and the little boy accepted it, but I still felt a bit embarrassed. I hope she doesn’t act like that at nursery She used to be so good with other children. Maybe it was just because she is poorly, or because she didn’t want to go home..hopefully.

Last night, after Hannah had gone to bed, I listened to the C.D. It was veeeeeeeeery relaxing, and even though I was hypnotised, I still felt aware of what was going on, and what was said. The images in there are quite helpful too, I think. I am going to listen to it at least once a day until he decides it’s time to come out. There was a suggestion in there that I would sleep well, and last night, for the first time in AGES, I slept until 5a.m.! I am usually up at 1, 3, and 6 to go to the loo, or just because I am uncomfortable. Hannah slept all night too, so all in all we all had a restful night.

This morning, I got up at 7:15, and got everything ready. Yusuke had to go and take something from his office to be repaired, so he went with me to the nursery first. Today was Hannah’s first day of the week, so I had to take her futon in, which is quite hard for me at the moment, being heavy and bulky. Hannah said goodbye, and seemed to settle in ok, although at first she wasn’t quite sure where to sit and who to play with. My heart went out to her a bit, and I hoped that she would be ok.

So now, after racing around doing the food shopping, I am on my own again (at last!), but still worried about Hannah. At first when she was at nursery, I wondered whether it was making things easier for me or not, but after the past two days, there is no doubt that it is!


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