Nursery nightmares…

Tuesday morning, Hannah was in a great mood. She happily ate breakfast and we got ready for nursery together, and in the car she was happy enough. When we got to the nursery, she was quiet walking through the playground, and then when we got to the gate at her classroom, she started to cry. Her teacher picked her up. I have noticed that children are babied for a long time in Japan. I think Hannah is old enough to walk, so she shouldn’t be carried all the time. I tried to make her independent, but since Monday, she is a lot clingier and naughtyがまん顔バッド(下向き矢印) I know it takes time to get used to a routine though, so that is probably why.

I hope she’ll get used to it soon. I already have a bad impression of the place after the two days that she has been going there. I don’t agree with their methods of treating children衝撃 Yesterday I arrived to pick her up, and before they saw me, I watched the class through the window. They pull the children roughly by their arms without talking to them and ignore children who are crying and upset. I felt sorry for the children today, and a bit angry.

They were measuring their height and weight, which I also think is unnecessary in the nursery. That is for the doctor’s surgery. Of course a healthy weight is important, but I worry that there is too much of a “standard” that Hannah can’t keep up to. Her body frame is bound to be different from other children here and I don’t want her to grow up with a body complex like a lot of women do here (and everywhere else..)げっそりバッド(下向き矢印) Today when I went to pick her up, they hadn’t written any information in her report book (they should write how much she ate, her behaviour, etc. It’s just multiple choice..not like an essay or anything!

Last night, she didn’t settle down to sleep for ages, and she woke up about three times screaming.

If she is still not happy in a couple of weeks, I am seriously thinking about taking her out of there. In that case, it will be very difficult for me to manage, and I don’t know what I will do when I have to go into hospital, but I don’t want her to have a bad time in nursery. Fingers crossed that she will settle in and things will improve冷や汗 I am sure she’ll get used to it before I do though…and as long as she is happy, that is the main thing.

There is an international pre-school near here, an N.P.O. that I am considering for her after she turns two. It’s not that expensive per month and it’s only two and a half hours a day. I like their method and policy, and I won’t have any children picking on me when I go to drop her off hopefully! I have already had enough of being pointed and laughed at! Yusuke and I are going to visit this Saturday (they have a Saturday club). I am being a little selfish here, because I think it would mostly make things easier for me, in terms of communicating with the teachers, and understanding what’s going on, but then that will also make me less stressed, and hopefully that will pass to Hannah too! It will just be for a year, and then after that, we have to decide if we will continue her on to their kindergarten course.

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