Big Bump

Since the baby turned head down, although I have been glad that baby is the right way for birthわーい(嬉しい顔)指でOK, I have also been a bit more uncomfortableボケーっとした顔. Yesterday, I had heartburn aaaalll day衝撃! I couldn’t seem to get rid of it, and even though it’s not very painful, it can be really annoying after a while.

Maybe because baby is a boy and I am not sure if that’s why I feel so different from last time or not. But my bump is definitely much bigger and more centralisedexclamation ×2 From last night, I have to put an extra pillow under my bump when I am lying on my side, otherwise, I get stomachache, as it feels as if he is pulling down on my tummyげっそり I think I must move a lot in the night time, and last night, everytime I moved, it woke me up because my tummy hurt and I had to re-position the pillow everytime I turned overわーい(嬉しい顔)exclamation ×2

I eventually gave up at around 7 o’clock and got up. A few hours later, my student came for his lessonえんぴつメモ He has been busy at university, so I haven’t taught him for over a month. I was so surprised that now I find it quite tough to lean over the low table to point things out to him in his book. When I was pregnant with Hannah, I was annoyed that I didn’t look pregnant. I wanted to have a big bump and look all motherly目がハートexclamation Now that I have a big bump, I think the first way was much easierexclamation ×2 There is so much more physical strain with a bump..backache, heaviness, not being able to see your feet, and especially not being comfortable at night time (although I think the last one is true for everyone).

On the plus side, I can see a lot more movement this time, which always makes me giggle! I saw a whole arm move across my body the other day – spooky目

Tips for a good night’s sleep please.

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