33 weeks

Gestation: 32 weeks

Fundus Height: 29cm.

Abdomen Circ.: 101cm.

Blood Pressure: 108/60

Weight: 75.2kg (!)

I got up at 7:30 this morning, although I really didn’t want to. Hannah was still asleep so it seemed a shame to wake her, but we had to get moving.

I had an appointment at the hospital at 9:30, so we left the house at half past eight. It doesn’t usually take so long, but I thought the traffic might be bad, and I wanted to get there early to take Hannah to the nursery they have, which is in an outbuilding. It turned out that the traffic was a bit congested, so we arrived there at 9:15

I checked in at reception, and took Hannah with me to do all of the regular tests that I have to do myself before the appointment; blood pressure, weight, and wee I had gained another 400 grammes since two weeks ago, which is pretty good. The time before I had gained 1.8kg…I think their scales are wrong. You can never trust digital..and besides, I was wearing clothes Ho hum, I have gained 12.2kg all together and potentially 9 weeks to go…I am hoping he is at least near my due date, if not earlier.

After I’d taken Hannah to the nursery (not even a “bye bye” today, she loves that place so much!), I went to wait by my doctor’s office. The place was quite crowded today, and it seemed really hot. I sat down and started reading my book. We each have a number that is printed onto our card when we arrive, and mine was A34. Sometimes these numbers mean nothing, order-wise, but they are usually fairly close. On the screen, my number came up and it just said to wait outside his room.

I had been reading for about half an hour, when I just felt really hot and suffocating. I wondered whether I could wander a little, until it got unbearable and I went outside to get a drink from the machine. It was really cool outside compared to in that hotbox. What is the story with that??!!? I thought pregnant women were all boiling in the last trimester. I saw a woman today wearing tights…TIGHTS!! And she was about 20 months gone. And there was I sitting in a vest top, red in the face and almost dripping

After that, I sat nearer the window and seemed to be a little cooler, but still too hot..I was sooooooo glad that I’d taken my book with me! The numbers being called into the room suddenly started to be ones like A58, etc., which made me worry that I had missed my turn going to the loo, etc. But I knew deep down that couldn’t be the case because they were always going to the loo to find stray patients..we all have bladders the size of peanuts (apart from the gyn patients, that is).

Eventually I was called in at 11 o’clock. I was a bit nervous today, because a lot of things had happened since the last check up. I had written them all down, and Yusuke had translated them, so I had come with my little piece of typed up paper, which made me feel like a bit of a div, but I wanted to get all my worries dealt with. The doctor examined me, and the baby is head down and ready for action! My cervix is not however, which is very good news! Baby is doing well, good size (although it said on the scan screen 34 weeks..knew he’d got it wrong)and healthy.

I showed the doc my worry list: some regular painful contractions, groin pain (I couldn’t move my leg for about 4 days), pressure and backache. He said that the groin pain and pressure was probably caused by the baby changing position. The contractions are probably pre-labour, and to rest when I get them, but not to worry now, because my cervix is still closed.

So that was a HUGE relief finally. I went to pick Hannah up, who at least seemed pleased to see me, and not at all traumatised at being left, which was nice. We went to the hospital cafe for a coffee and juice, and then left. The hospital was soooooooo busy that they even had to double park people in the car park! Friday is more popular there than I had thought. I am now supposed to go every 10 days, so I booked my next appointment for Monday 19th. I seem to remember Monday not being so crowded, but I could be wrong I suppose.

Hannah and I went into Takasaki after that to get some magazines. They had loads, so I bought four, and am putting two of them away for when I am in hospital and baby is sleeping and I am bored (fingers crossed..). And I couldn’t resist looking in Baby Gap at things I can’t afford. Saw a brilliant babygro that said, “if you think I’m cute, you should see my Mom” hee hee! But at about 7 pounds, I really couldn’t justify it!!

We went to the bakery for a small lunch and then came home. Hannah slept in the car, I carried her into the house, and then she slept until 4 o’clock!! About 3 hours in total I think. And I put her to bed tonight at 7:30, half expecting her to cry, but there has been no sound for about an hour, so I think she might even be asleep..I hope the new baby is as good as Hannah, or I won’t know how to cope!!

Photos – left is the head, right is the body. This is where they start getting a bit boring…


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