Yesterday Yusuke took the day off and we went to look at nurseries for Hannah. Usually, you can only put your child in the nursery if both parents are working. However, there is also a possibility if you are expecting a baby. So this means I can put Hannah in for a maximum of two months before and two months after my due date. Women usually go back to their parents’ house to get looked after after they come out of hospital, but seeing as that is not a possibility for me, and Yusuke’s Mum works, the nursery could be very helpful.

Although it’s just a short time, I wanted to check out the nurseries to make sure we wouldn’t be putting her somewhere awful. We looked at three in total. We can choose three preferences (first choice, second and third), but in the end, the decision will rest with the council depending on spaces available.

The first one we looked at (Tokiwa) is very close to here, but very very old. There were pictures on the wall that were older than me. They were very welcoming, but a LOT of children. The 0-2 class had about 22 children and 5 staff (which is technically not ok, as there should be one teacher for each 5 children). A lot of the children were crying, but I think it was because there are a LOT of babies there and no chairs and tables. It was a bit like a zoo!

The second one we went to (forgot the name) was a little further, but very very big. It has recently been privatised. The room for Hannah’s age was huge, lots of staff and about 16 children, chairs and tables. It seemed very clean and secure, but quite business like and the children were a little too well behaved…However, when I said to Hannah to say bye bye to the children, she said “bye bye” to me, and went and sat at the table with the other children!! That made me feel quite emotional for some reason.

The third one was the best. It is only for 0-3 year olds, whereas the others are until age 5 It was very small, but that seemed to be a good thing. It is near Yusuke’s office, so will be helpful when I am in hospital and he has to pick Hannah up. The whole place was very very securely locked, a nice playground, clean, lots of bumpers on the furniture, and most importantly, smiley children.

All in all, they were none of them awful, but the first one was a bit low on my list. However, we will put that as our last choice, as it’s better the devil you know, and it IS walking distance.

The cost of the nursery depends on your income and is set at a maximum of 40,000yen. We found out our cost will be 37,000yen, so is quite a big chunk, but will be worth it and I’m sure Hannah will enjoy playing with all of the children.

The first nursery gave Hannah some bubbles, so we sat outside our place and blew bubbles for a while. It was the first time Hannah had seen them, and even managed to blow a couple of her own


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