Febral Convulsion :(((

Yesterday, I went to the docs with Hannah because she had a cold and slight fever. I got some suppositories to reduce her fever if it went above 38.5c. Later that evening, her temperature rose to 39.2c, so I gave her the medicine. Now I know that suppositories have a faster effect, but every time I have to give her one, it makes her fill her nappy…バッド(下向き矢印). The medicine was only supposed to be given every 8 hours, so after a few minutes searching through her nappy to find nothingバッド(下向き矢印), I decided that I should wait.

Later that night, I went to check her temperature while she was sleeping. Because it was still less than 8 hours, but her temperature was 39.4, I gave her some oral medicine that I had been given from the doctor. After that, I went to get a drink, and came back to find her fitting in her cot衝撃げっそり衝撃 I took her out, laid her on my futon and thought frantically about what I should be doing. I moved her on her side to stop her swallowing her tongue, choking on sick, or some other such horrible thing, but I was panicking too much. I kept thinking that it was because I had given her the medicine. Her body was stiff and shaking, her eyes were rolled back and her face paleげっそり. I put my shoes on, took my keys and ran out of the door (weird, because I didn’t lock the door, but still took my keys with me).

I was going to run to the doctor, who lives a 3 minute walk from my house, but for some reason, I rang the doorbell of my downstairs neighbour. I thought she might know what to do because she has a little girl too. After standing for what felt like forever, but was probably only a few seconds, I started running to the doctor走る人あせあせ(飛び散る汗). Hannah was still fittingたらーっ(汗). When I was almost there, she stopped and was just very very quiet. In some ways that was almost worse.

When I got to the doctor’s house (which is also the surgery, thank goodness), she said that Hannah had had a febral convulsion, so it was caused by the fever, and not by the medicine. She asked if I ever had them, and I said that I didn’t, but that Alex had a couple when she was a baby. Apparently they can be hereditary. Hannah slowly started coming back to normal, and even smiled at us. Bless her, she tries to be happy even when she is poorlyハート達(複数ハート). The doctor gave her some anti-convulsion medicine and gave me a supply.

I asked what I should do if it happens again, and she says sit and watch the clock. If it lasts for 5 mins or less, it is caused by the fever. Twenty minutes or more, it’s caused by encephalitis or meningitis.

I remember Alex having that one when I was on the way home from brownies and how panicked Mummy was

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