When I woke up yesterday morning, I was lying in bed with my Yusuke and Hannah trying to wake up properly目 When I finally opened the curtains and saw the snow, I was really surprisedわーい(嬉しい顔)exclamation We had planned to go to my mother-in-laws house to visit, and I was a bit worried about if we could drive at first, but my husband said it should be okわーい(嬉しい顔)指でOK We got wrapped up warm and then ventured out into the snow! There was about 5cm. here in Maebashi, so our neighbours’ children and their families were outside with sledges, and making snowmen雪雪雪雪るんるんexclamation

The snow fell all day, but Hannah wasn’t sure about it at all!
She had seen snow last winter, but of course was only 3 months old, so was nowhere near walking in it! As soon as we put her down on the floor, she started to cry泣き顔 Must be a very weird first sight雪ぴかぴか(新しい) On our way, we stopped off at Toys R Us to buy her some wellies, thinking that might make her feel better, but she still wasn’t too keen on the snow涙exclamation
She was much happier in the car車(セダン) When we had finished in the shop, I noticed she wasn’t wearing her hat衝撃 We asked the staff, but nobody had turned it in. I didn’t want to leave without it, because I had made it for her泣き顔, so I ran around searching like a crazy woman. Finally, we filled out a lost form, then I had a final check in the kiddy cart that she had been sitting in, and found it wedged underneath the seatわーい(嬉しい顔)exclamation

After that, we finally went to Miyoko’s house for the afternoon. Hannah hadn’t napped all day, and had been running around with Miyoko, so as soon as we got in the car, she fell into a deep sleep. I was exhausted, but not really sure whyあせあせ(飛び散る汗)exclamation ×2 These days I don’t really have to do much to get tiredバッド(下向き矢印)雷 It was a fun dayるんるん

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