This weekend was kind of hard work for me. Hannah has been waking up every night at around 2 or 3a.m., and not properly going back to sleep again. I am exhausted泣き顔 Yusuke caught a cold from Friday night. On Saturday he went to the doctor, who gave him lots of medicine, including antibiotics. I advised him not to take the antibiotics for a cold. He took them anyway, and later he said he felt worse.

Even then he didn’t take my advice, and slept for a year and a day. I had to take care of Hannah and him, plus doing the housework and cookingふらふら If I weren’t pregnant, maybe it would just be a minor annoyance, but when I got sick last week, I still had to carry on with my teaching, housework and looking after Hannah. So I guess you could say I am feeling a bit sorry for myselfバッド(下向き矢印) It’s the case of a “man-cold” and it sucks!

He took the day off work today and moped around the house, but I just tried to pretend he wasn’t here..doesn’t that sound awful????



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