The Mummy Diaries 7

I can’t believe this is my first blog of the year. Obviously keeping up with it was not one of my New Year resolutions! Lots of things..where to start?

Ok, first the baby update. Realised I didn’t post the latest scan picture. This one was taken on 29th December at my last check-up. Head is on the left, body on the right. Baby was 9cm from rump to crown and everything fine. This appointment cost me 6,000 yen (including some kind of test)…am feeling the pinch more now I’m not really working! Next appointment is this month on 26th. It’s good that they are less frequent than last time. They had me going in every fortnight for Hannah. I suppose it depends on the doctor and how anxious you are. They must have thought I was quite anxious!! These days he always asks me if I have any worries, and I always say no, because I don’t really. It’s good money-wise, but I am counting down the days for the next scan!

Next appointment is “tokubetsukenshin”, meaning special check-up. They do three of these during the pregnancy. It involves blood tests, the usual sugar test, a trip to the dreaded breastfeeding police, but best of all, a belly scan where Yusuke is allowed into the room. It will be the first time he can see the scan, so it makes it more exciting! There is also the possibility of them being able to identify the baby’s sex, but it may take a bit longer.


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