Christmas, dentist…

I finally went to the dentist on Saturday. Earlier that morning, we had to take Hannah to the doctor because she had been awake for most of the previous night. She has a cold and at the docs her temperature was just over 38deg c. So straight after, we had to go to the dentist, which wasn’t really an ideal situation, but I needed a translator and have not been able to eat food on one side of my mouth for about three weeks .

That dentist is quite good, I think. They told me there were holes in two of my fillings, and that was probably causing the problems. They had to take an X-ray with a huge metal pad covering my chest and stomach. They then ground and replaced one without anaesthetic..of course , and then began to take the other one off (that one was much meatier). It reeeally hurt, and although I was semi-willing to try and put up with it, they said they would give me drugs that wouldn’t affect the baby (always scary anyway).

All through this, Hannah was screaming (tired, poorly and fed-up). The nurses kept coming and giving her various toys. One of them stuck a little dog sticker on the back of her hand, which pacified her for about 20 minutes. There was a little t.v. monitor above the dentist chairs which they put Pinocchio on, but she wasn’t really bothered about that much. So I am now left with one new filling (lovely and white ) and one temporary filling, which has been bugging me ever since!!!

On the way back home, the anaesthetic started wearing off and my mouth was killing even more than before. It has calmed down now though, so I could enjoy my Christmas dinner (still chewing only on one side).

On Christmas day, I was the first one awake, Hannah not long after, but still quite late for her at 8 o’clock (typical!). It took three hours to open all the presents. I had wondered why she was getting a bit grizzly, when I realised it was half past eleven and she was probably past ready for a nap!

So Hannah went to bed while I set about cooking the roast. I made WAY too many roast potatoes! We just finished them yesterday YUM YUM!!!!

I didn’t even leave the house yesterday because I was soooooo cold, but today I have to get my act together and go and look at textbooks for my student..


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