No tears!

Today I drove to Isobe, as usual, and this time Hannah started crying as I was backing into the parking space at the nursery..

She cried and cried, and the receptionist at the door tried to take her from me, but I asked her to leave her a little. We walked in together, and then the nursery teacher took her from me. I asked her to put her down, and we walked into the nursery together. It’s quite infuriating for me to get my point across, but today I wanted to try something different. I put Hannah down and we walked together into the nursery classroom. Hannah was still crying, but not screaming quite as much as usual. I said goodbye to Hannah and then left. She was still crying.

After I had taught my first lesson, I came downstairs to teach the 2 year olds in the class next door to Hannah’s. I saw Hannah (no tears, yay!) walking around in there with some oversized slipper on (her new favourite game) and looking fairly contented. Before I teach her class, they take her outside. It’s only for ten minutes, and one of the teachers take her and others outside in the pushchair. I went back upstairs to teach my last two classes and saw her from the window sitting in the tandem pushchair playing with the little boy sitting behind her and again looking happy.

I had begun to think that she would be miserable every time we went there. And to think that I was hurt that she didn’t seem to miss me at first! Now I see that the other way around is much more upsetting! I’m sure there will be times that she’s not so happy, but at least there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel!


One thought on “No tears!

  1. Michael cried almost every day I left him at nursery and he was 3 when he started!!! Hannah is very brave, and its nice when you can check that they’re Ok isnt it? I used to hide in the cloakroom till Michael had stopped crying then they would come out and give me thumbs up to go!

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