The Mummy Diaries – 6

I had an appointment at the hospital at 9 this morning. Hannah woke up last night at 11:00, 3:00, and then 5:00, so it was the last thing that I wanted to do We arrived at the hospital at just before 9. I took Hannah to the nursery there. I pay 100 yen for the length of my appointment, so it’s a pretty useful service. After standing writing the paper (in my rubbish Japanese, that was quite funny), Hannah must have realised that I was going to leave her there. Not sure why, because I hadn’t left her there before. Maybe just a feeling.

So she started screaming. I went into the nursery room with her, said goodbye, and then left them to it. While waiting for my appointment, I managed to grab a few minutes sleep..I didn’t get in there to see the doc. until 10 o’clock. Today I got to see the baby’s arms and legs wiggling around, the heartbeat, etc. The doctor joked that there were four limbs, and seemed to find it funny that I could understand his joke. He is quite funny though, but good at his job, so I like him.Baby is now 4cm. from head to bum and growing well. Photo shows the head on the right, body on the left and arms either side.

After the appointment, I was shown to one of the nurses, who told me all the information about birth classes that I won’t attend, and sophrology classes that I also won’t attend. I was quite pleased that I could understand even a little of what she said though, and was excited to see my schedule written down with all the special appointments, and the due date and stuff.

Next appointment in 3 weeks to a month!


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