Stupid non-charity shop

I went to “Off House” yesterday (a second hand clothes/stuff shop), because I had a lot of suits and work shirts that are too big for me or that I just don’t needTシャツ(ボーダー)ジーンズ, and it felt a bit of a shame to just throw them away if somebody else could find a use for them. I took a huge bag fullふくろ, they looked through them and eventually took just two suitsがく~(落胆した顔).

The shop assistant said the other ones were a little too old to sell..hmm, maybe one or two of them, so I could accept thatウッシッシ. But there was one shirt in there that I had never wornぴかぴか(新しい)Tシャツ(ボーダー)ぴかぴか(新しい). The label was still on it. I asked why they didn’t want it, and she snapped back that it was a summer shirt晴れ and no good for this season雪. I’m not sure why she was so defensive because my tone was very nice泣き顔. Maybe she gets people snapping at her and complaining that their clothes are worth more or somethingちっ(怒った顔).

So after all that, she offered me 300 yen for both suitsバッド(下向き矢印). I thought it was a bit rubbish, but better than throwing them away. Actually, after that, I started thinking that it was a bit unfair, as one of the suits I had worn only once or twice before I stopped working. Even though someone else can buy and wear the clothes, if I had the chance, I would rather donate my clothes to a charity shop who will use the money for a charity than to a business who are going to buy it for peanuts and then charge loads for itドル袋.


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