The Mummy Diaries 5

Got up at around 6:30 (Hannah’s choice obviously..), and left the house at just after 8a.m. We got to the hospital at about ten to nine, yay! Good timing for my 9 o’clock appointment. They gave me a blood test, so I went straight round to do that part. I was relieved when the doctor who did it was the senior one, and it didn’t hurt a bit. After that, we were told to wait round by the doctor’s office.

Hannah was very good at first. She sat next to Emma and I and smiled at people, even conversed with a little boy who was telling her about the trains in the book he was reading. Then she started getting a bit bored, because it was taking forever. So we went to the playroom for a bit.

I went to the loo, convinced that that would make them call me in. But no..we had been waiting for just over an hour. So I took off my boots and joined Emma and Hannah in the playroom. Of course, as soon as I took my boots off, my number came up on the screen. By the time I had shoved my big feet back in them, they were waiting impatiently for me

I got to see a real looking baby on the screen, complete with legs, arms, heartbeat, and even umbilical cord..which was a first..

So that day, he gave me a due date: 28/6/08, which means I am 9 weeks pregnant from the coming Sunday. Scan pic is a bit of a rubbish one from the good ones that he could have saved. Head is the bottom lump..body is the top one.


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