Mummy Croup

Yesterday, when we went to Tokyo, I lost my voice. I was up for most of the night coughing and with a pain in my voicebox. I went to the doctor this morning, and she diagnosed Croup. How odd, I thought. I have never heard of adult croup..It turns out that there is quite a lot of medicine that is still safe for me, but it means the medicine is a bit weirder. I have some kind of bottled stuff that I have to mix with water and drink. It is the colour of blue ink..hmm..looks yummy. She gave me lozenges (even though my throat isn’t really sore, and some other stuff.

I asked if I could teach this week, and she said that I probably picked up the infection at the kindergarten anyway, and no, I shouldn’t teach. Am feeling ok. Not too great, but not all that terrible. My stomach is sticking out like a mountain..very strange. If the old wives’ tale is correct, looks like this one is a boy.


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