Entry for 06 November 2007

I’m so tired these days. Hannah was up all night on Saturday night, and am still feeling a bit groggy from then, I think. Took her to the doctor again yesterday, and she has yet another ear infection and sinusitis…She never seems to get better. The doc gave me loads of medicine, including antibiotics this time, meaning Hannah slept through last night (well, after a brief stirring at 2a.m.). She also gave me ear drops..After putting them in, she has to lie still on one side for ten minutes..and this time it’s in two ears, so that’s a lot of fun, as you can imagine. The doctor gave me some safe Chinese medicine that I can take for my cold too, but am still wary of taking anything. There are apparently a lot of medicines that are safe in pregnancy.

Because Hannah has a cold, I can’t take her with me to the nursery tomorrow, so have to take her to Kyoko’s house. I will probably have to get up and out before 7a.m. then. And am getting stressed about tidying up for Emma! But I have sorted her bed out in the spare room/my classroom, and it looks so cosy, I wanted to sleep there myself last night!


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