The Mummy Diaries – 3

On Friday, I received an e-mail from Sayuri at the hospital. She said that my doctor would not be working, and recommended Dr. Ikeda. He has been at the hospital since July, from the same university as my doctor, and apparently has a good reputation. So instead of waking up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to go there and try to squeeze in at 7:45, I made an appointment with him at 11a.m.

On Saturday morning, Hannah woke us up at about 6:30, and after she’d had her breakfast, and I had organised her bag and myself (took a while because I was feeling quite sick), we went out to the cafe on the way to hospital for breakfast. The cafe is the same one where I teach one of my students. There’s the same kind nearer to our house, but it’s quite small, smoky, and they don’t have a toaster. You buy your coffee, and then they do what they call a “morning free”, which is where they put out croissants, choco croissants, white rolls, hard boiled eggs and sliced bread (for toast) with marg., jam and marmalade. And all of this is yours for free. It’s quite good, because in Japan, you don’t get kicked out after you have finished your drink, or your food for that matter. You are expected to sit there and take your time. There are even newspapers, magazines and childrens’ books. Hannah loves it, because she is a bread freak. They don’t have a child’s seat, but I bring the ‘on the go booster seat’ which I just strap onto the chair. She loves waving and grinning at the staff. I’m not sure if it’s ok to give her the bread too, but they never say anything about it. She has probably charmed them with her toothy grins…

After that, we were still unbelievably early, so I drove to the wool shop to get wool for the sleeves of Hannah’s jumper. It was raining really heavily, and both Hannah and Yusuke went to sleep in the back of the two children.

I drove to the hospital and final woke the babies up. It was about quarter to eleven at that point. We sat down and waited, as told to by the screen. Sayuri came and told us that it was really busy because of the owner and his son being at a conference, so it would be about another hour. I had asked what I would do with Hannah if I went there on a week day (much less busy) and Sayuri told me that they had a nursery there that would look after Hannah for the duration of my appointment (including waiting time) for just 100 yen! So we went to look and see what that was like. I will definitely take Hannah there next time and go on a weekday. She had loads of fun.

So eventually, I got to see the doctor, he was ok. A little brusque though. I like my doctor because he says a lot, explains the scan, makes me feel at ease, but seems genuine about it all. But this doctor would do if my doctor wasn’t there again. They managed to find the “gestational sac” this time. It is the black dot at about 7 o’clock on the attached photo! But of course they still can’t give me any dates. I made an appointment to go back in two weeks (with Emma, although she doesn’t know it yet!), and they might be able to tell me then. I still have morning sickness. This morning (Sunday), I couldn’t even get out of bed. I had to go back to bed a couple of times and had a slight fever. I have felt queasy all day. Don’t know why they call it morning sickness…


One thought on “The Mummy Diaries – 3

  1. Ok I am now up to date with your blog so you can’t shout at me! haha! Well, kind of! I just read the last three entries because I thought the other stuff would be old now anyway and I probably talked to you about it. Pretty new baby pic! Maybe if your tummy feels different it might be a boy? x

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