The Mummy Diaries – 2

Woke up feeling quite tired yesterday. It has just started to be darker in the mornings again, so I don’t even get the daylight gently waking me up. Hannah seems to be working on a body clock as opposed to the daylight though, so she was ready to get up at 7a.m., as usual.

After lunch, we got in the car to drive to Yamaya (the place with imported foods). I wanted to buy weetabix and look for some hummous, or some other dip. I am starting to worry about Hannah going mad for bread, burgers and not much else. I shouldn’t really worry, I know, because the burgers I make are full of veggies, and she eats plenty of food now in general. Couldn’t find anything in Yamaya, but did buy wholewheat pasta (first I’ve seen here!). It was still quite early, so I decided to go to Aeon shopping centre to see if they had Heat magazine at HMV..yes, I know! Turns out they had two copies, yay! Gossip fest!

I had worn my skinny jeans, and they were driving me mad. My tummy is already big. Quite different from last time. I had a look around the maternity department and bought the least frumpy set (although it is quite frumpy now I think about it, but I don’t care). A navy and white stripy polo neck, a navy low scoop t-shirt tunic, and black leggings. Although the leggings are way too pregnant for me right now, but they have elastic with buttonholes in, so you can extend as needed. The whole set cost me 5000 yen (about 20 pounds?), which is pretty good for a whole outfit. And it’s so nice to feel comfy. Losing weight is nice, but it’s an expensive business..especially when you throw a pregnancy in there. All of my maternity bras are waaaaaaaaaaay too big. Looks as if I’m in for another trip to the fitting rooms. What fun!


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