The Mummy diaries – One

20th October, 2007

We got up a little earlier than usual. Hannah decided that 6:30 was perfectly acceptable for us to all wake up at least. I had made an appointment at Sato hospital (the Ob/Gyn hospital where Hannah was born) in Takasaki for 10a.m. This was actually quite astonishing, because my doctor is usually booked up for weeks. It was pretty busy, because it was a Saturday, so while we were waiting, we took Hannah to play in the playroom. She had a great time of course! If we didn’t live as far from there as we do, I would just take her there to use the playroom.

So as you all probably know by now, the test was positive, and number two is slowly taking root. I had a PAP smear (they recommend it once a year here..hmm..could be because it’s not free?), and the doctor scanned for the baby. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see the womb because it’s still too early. He seems to think that we should be able to see it next week. I tried to make an appointment, but wouldn’t you know it..he is fully booked for next Saturday. I can, of course, come on my own on a weekday, but not sure how that would work with bringing Hannah too. It’s not as if I can take her into the examination room with me..

I’m thinking of e-mailing Sayuri (the woman who interprets there for me sometimes) to ask her how Mums usually do that. I imagine a few of them come with their Mum or something. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to sit with Hannah for 5 minutes.

Later that night, I felt really really sick. Yusuke prepared veggies for nabe (like a pot stew type thing), I ate a small amount and then felt as if I were about to explode. I went to bed a little after that. It was only about half past eight or something, so of course I was awake for most of the nightI suppose my training has already begun (not being able to sleep). It’s a new feeling for me, this “morning sickness” lark. I’m hoping it doesn’t last.


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