Moan (1st. Oct.)

I went to the doctor with Hannah again last Saturday. She still has her ear infection, in both ears. He said if it’s left untreated, babies can go deaf涙 I wonder what to do sometimes. When I go to the doctor for Hannah, they never give me enough medicine to cure the sickness completely. I wonder whether they do it and expect me to come back, or whether Hannah just takes longer to be curedexclamation & question It’s quite confusing, because of course I am not a doctor, so the doctor should tell me what to doあせあせ(飛び散る汗)exclamation I don’t think the medicine that they give is always necessary, so I don’t go back, but then now I have learned the colds can lead to ear infections, so I suppose I just have to.
I changed Hannah’s doctor, but it seems the situation is still the same. I made up my mind. I will go back everytime. Even if she seems better. Just so that I can make sure she is fully recovered揺れるハート. She is sleeping most of the day today and I feel so lethargic from the rainy weather..wanna sleep眠い(睡眠) But my washing machine is fullllllllllll…and it’s raining again!!!!!!!!!!!



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