Lazy bum (October 3rd)

This morning, I got up at 7a.m.晴れ (Hannah’s usual waking up time), made my Yusuke’s bentoおにぎり, fed Hannah and ate my breakfast and put the washing machine on. I got Hannah and myself dressed, checked my e-mail and then started feeling sleepyがく~(落胆した顔). These days I often feel really really sleepy in the mornings, almost to the point of falling asleep for a few seconds, before Hannah starts climbing on me and putting an end to thatぷっくっくな顔.

Today I decided that I would do things differently. Instead of sitting on the sofa feeling sleepy, I decided to try and get my household chores done early. I put away the dry clothes (finally the bloody rain stopped long enough for clothes to dry雨!), and hung out the clean clothes. Hannah usually tries to come outside while I hang the laundry outside leaning from the living room. Today I put her shoes on, and we both went outside to hang it out. She really enjoyed looking down from the balcony and being outside (there was only once that she banged her head on the wall, but her tears soon stopped泣き顔!). After that, I made us both a mid-morning snack and Hannah had some milk. I put her in the cot (wow, no tears!) and started cleaning. Not sure why, but I got a bit carried away, scrubbing and washing down surfaces, any little bits on the floor are sure to end up in Hannah’s mouth otherwise.. It’s very rare that I actually feel like cleaning, so I went with it.

I vacuumed, washed a few windows, washed all of the rugs, hung them out, washed the dishes and then started sorting out the messy looking boxes in the entrance (mostly full of men’s stuff..and by this I mean tools, batteries, glue, weird plastic things, and many other things that I don’t know about)あせあせ(飛び散る汗). I truly believe the feng shui theory about keeping the entrance of your house at least tidy to keep some kind of calm. God, I sound boring..

Then I looked at my watch and it was already noon..Hannah had been sleeping for almost two hours眠い(睡眠)! And having planned my lesson for tomorrow and cooking her lunch, she is STILL sleeping (three hours in total). I would usually wake her up at this point, but have decided to leave her. She is still poorly after all, and her little body must need the rest. It has really made me wonder what the hell I was doing before I had Hannah! Was I a lazy bum?

Thinking about it, I have decided to let myself off. I worked full-time after all, and I cleaned the house for the whole of one of my day’s off. I left my job when I was four months pregnant, when I didn’t really have much energy. I never hit the “blooming pregnant” stage, so never really had much energy at all (plus it was summer, and I couldn’t move away from underneath the air conditioner except to go to the a few million times per hour). And there you have it. Innocent, until proven otherwise.



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