Entry for 04 October 2007

I woke up, erm sorry, start again..

I was woken up at 6:30 this morning. I had set my alarm for 7a.m. just in case, but of course this was totally unnecessary. I got Hannah out of her cot and she lay in with me for about five minutes, before she was off exploring.

I fed her breakfast, got her dressed, took a shower, got ready, made Yusuke’s lunch, etc.

Kyoko arrived at just after 9a.m., and I left for Takasaki. I was teaching my private student today. I set the car navigation after looking at the history and finding what I thought was the cafe where we were supposed to meet. After I while, I drove past a cafe and though, “hah! That’s funny, there’s a ‘Kohi-kan’ (name of the cafe) at a junction just like the one where I am going…It didn’t take TOO long for me to realise that it actually WAS that cafe.

That junction, for some reason, always has me confused. I can never remember which direction the cafe is in, and it is just after the traffic lights. This is a busy junction with two and three lane roads in all directions. It took me absolutely ages to sort myself out. In the end, I’m glad I left early “just in case”, because I ended up getting to the cafe at 10 on the dot.

Only to find my student wasn’t there. He was five minutes late, which I didn’t really mind. He’s a private student after all and at least I wasn’t late. I had prepared enough for his lesson, but in the end it was too much. His level really is low, but he has an imagination, asks lots of questions (albeit in a very confusing fashion) and seems to be having fun. I am quite lucky that he wasn’t a weirdo! The only problem is that his schedule is always changing from month to month. He is a masseur, and works five-six days a week. So it means that technically I can’t place another student in my schedule. Not that that is a problem right now really, because I don’t really want to work too much, and he will go to New Zealand in February for a working holiday, so it’s just a temporary arrangement.

My first lesson was free, but today I earned 5000 yen, yay!

After coming home, feeding Hannah and yet again going crazy with housework (must be the work giving me energy), we got in the car to head for the wool shop. There is one around the corner here, but it’s like the village wool shop, and I’m afraid the old biddy in there will try to converse with me again, and even if the wool is rubbish, I will feel obliged to buy it.

I wasn’t sure of the address, so I set our old apartment address in the navigation (I knew it was near there). I got there, and it was on the other side of the road and there was a kerb in the middle of the road, so I couldn’t get over. I decided to carry straight on (no choice really!) and then turn around. And then I had the AMAZING idea to just carry on and try to work my way out of it. I travelled down roads that were narrower than the car, and at one stage, went on a weird flyover thing that didn’t really seem to fly over anything. Lots of rice fields, I suppose. That was shaped like that weird millenium bridge in Newcastle, and once I had got off it, I had absolutely NO idea where I was anymore. So what should have taken me 20 minutes, ended up taking me 50!! Hannah was getting grizzly, it was getting dark, and traffic was getting heavier. I went into the shop, thought that I would buy wool whether I liked it or not (fortunately there was a lot of nice wool), and then got out of there while I could.

On the way back, Hannah started air chomping and staring at me accusingly in the mirror. She then proceeded to scream. The navigation was telling me five minutes, but I pulled in at a convenience store and bought some soft rolls. Hannah ate a whole one on the way home, got in and ate a big pot of bolognese. So much for me worrying she was going to spoil her appetite. I have had it with the navigation system today (not that it’s really the machine’s fault).


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