This week was the start of my “busy” life. Technically, I still don’t consider myself to be busy, because I am having a lot of fun手(チョキ)わーい(嬉しい顔)

On Wednesday, I went to the nursery and creche again. This time to do two model lessons. My student numbers in each class were 28 and 19..I was VERY nervous, but once I started teaching, everything was fine. The children (all 4 and 5 year olds) were all good and happy enough. There is a really nice atmosphere at the school, and as soon as I arrived, they had all remembered me from the week before, saying, “Ah Laura came!” I felt very welcomed. Only a couple of children kicked me this time..(just kiddingあっかんべー!)

I taught the creche first. They studied English before, but couldn’t say anythingあせあせ. Maybe shy..or maybe they already forgot. It has been 6 months since their last teacher left. Children learn very quickly, but also forget very quickly. The nursery class knew a little more, even though they are the same age. Maybe they are more used to studying something..not really sure why. To clarify, the “creche” takes care of children while their parents work, but the “nursery” actually teach the children things. This is a little odd, because I am teaching both of them things..

So I will start teaching there once a week from the second week in October. I’ll have four lessons and alternate weeks between the two schools. My youngest students will be 2, so I’m quite glad I won’t be teaching the 0-1 year olds!! The principal was thinking about that.

Today I gained a new private student too. We met in a coffee shop. He is a young guy who will go on a working holiday next year. He contacted me through a teaching agency by e-mail, so I had never met him before and had no idea of his age or appearance. Just before I met him, I worried that he might be a weirdo. When I walked into the cafe, there were only old smelly businessmen sitting reading papers..Oh God, I thought..what have I let myself in forexclamation & question I was relieved when he walked in the door and was a young normal looking guyほっとした顔

I had a lot of fun. It made me realise how much I miss having a schedule outside my home. I can’t believe I miss working. Of course now I am only working part-time, but I’m looking forward to this stageパンチウインクexclamation



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