Yesterday morning, Hannah and I were up, dressed and finished breakfast by 8:30a.m. I suddenly realised that I didn’t have a good sized suitcase for my trip. The only one I have is a soft one, with only two wheels (you have to pick it up at the one end and drag the other end on the wheels) which is really hard to pull. I have a small one that I can use for Hannah, so I decided I would buy a cheap one.

My sister-in-law recommended going to Saty and I found three different sizes. I’m terrible at judging measurements, and it’s always difficult to tell how big things really are when they are displayed in a big store. But I’m a fairly light traveller, and Hannah’s baggage limit is the same as mine, so I should be able to get her clothes and all her other stuff in her suitcase, with the new one just for my stuff. So finally I decided to get one which was recommended for 5 days. I thought that considering I am going to be able to wash clothes, I only need clothes for 5 days anyway!

After I’d bought that, I took Hannah to the soft play area. There were two other mothers there and we struck up a conversation. Hannah was manic crawling around there at the speed of light雷. When she’s sleepy眠い(睡眠), she often gets really manic, and then collapses into sleep. It turned out that both of the children (both girls) are around the same age as Hannah, and one of the mothers gave birth in the same hospital as me. One of the girls has her first birthday three days after Hannah’s. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet up again.

I am a bit nervous, because my japanese is rubbish, but it will be good for me, and most importantly, give Hannah some other children to play with.

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